Love of Music

I wonder what you think
looking at me
making you feel
like you are the only one
the most important
if only for a moment……
would you ever guess……
one of my favorites
I write to him
I dance to him
I sing to him
much to the dismay of others
Eclectic I am
tastes in music
range so wide
so far…..
Etta James
Rod Stewart
Kid Rock
Lynn Anderson
Johnny Cash
Billie Ellish
Sofi Tucker
this is but
a small sliver
petite glimpse
of my soul
wrapping self around
drawing me in
arms wrapped
dancing in seat
any could see
Tember is so embarrassed.
Music is my muse
eyes closed
letting voices wash over
feeling to my bones
eyes open
fingers fly
epic ode
they help to birth.
©June 18/20
Picture via Pinterest

I Am…..

Lost in thought
slightly out of reach
gazing sightless
upon the things I wish……
time has come
let go of fairy tales
grow up
be responsible
voices crowing
deep inside
whines the little girl
I do not want to let go
grow up
become boring
oh no!
Grow I did
put aside
childish fantasies
dolls a plenty
straighten the collar
dead in the air…..
Time came
(with age comes wisdom
ha ha)
I realized
I knew
my dreams
more important than air
my creativity
breaking free
from studded cell
admonishing me.
my muse
or am I the conduit
for her? him? them?
I let fly
I let free
reign true
rule fair
I am a poet…..
I am a story teller…..
I am…..
whatever my imagination says I am.
©Feb. 20/20
Picture is my own
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