Go With The Flow

My alarm went off at 5:30. And though I did wake with it, after going to the bathroom I jumped back into bed for another half hour. Not to sleep but to read headlines and stories that caught my attention. I was a little excited too, for it looked sunny out.

That idea was soon dashed as I realized it is overcast and windy. Grrrrrrrr I just want to sit outside in the sun. Relax. Read. It is not that I cannot read inside, I can, it is that I want my sunshine! Mind I have looked ahead and it is suppose to be a nice weekend so maybe I will still get my sun time in.

Made myself a cup of coffee and chilled. Played games on my phone. Text. Which reminds me I have not text mom who apparently will not text me because she might disturb me. Doing what? I am on holidays. And even if I was busy I can answer later. Hi mom.

I knew that I needed to exercise. Was not sure when I was going to but it had to be done. I decided to get it done so that for the rest of the day I could just relax. Have a nap. Read.

I pulled up my Nike exercises and raised my eyebrows at the next one in the series. A runner’s 4×4 core movement. I am actually impressed with what I was able to accomplish. Like super impressed with my strength.

The next up was yoga and I thought why the hell not.

So I did 20 minutes of yoga, bringing my heart rate down while still getting a work out. Turns out it was an evening one to aid in relaxation and sleep. So that nap will soon be forth coming.

I feel amazing today.

Successful Day Off

My lazy day consisted of three loads of laundry and running the dishwasher.

Changed the sheets on my bed. Took some clippings that had rooted and planted them.

The other day I finally transplanted my Lime Cypress. And I can certainly see it improving.

I took a nice long nap. And then soaked on the tub and read.

One of the authors I discovered through Freebooksy. And it is good. I need to check for and put book 2 on my wish list at Amazon.

House of Bastiion- The Hairden Legacy-K.L. Kolarich.

Really good.

Now relaxing with a pepsi watching Inside Job on Netflix for the second time.

Today was a successful say off.

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