Cold Sweats

Ha! I wish the scary kind.

-31 like seriously stop playing with me!

+1 and then zoom dip back into the Arctic frigid weather. With warning I can do it no problem. When the temp just drops my delicate system begins its outraged shrieking.

And just how does it let me know its displeasure?

Wicked night sweats.

Which are a lie! Sweat is something usually produced due to heat.

And while I am sure night sweats are produced by heat they become ice cold once upon flesh and sheets. I woke up feeling like I was wrapped in an ice blanket upon a soggy ice floe, water seeping over the edges.

Never mind the freezing air that is being swirled around by the fan.

Yes, due to extreme heat I had my fan going. And I had to pee.

It was like the trifecta of discomfort.

I turned the fan off. Got ip and staggered to bathroo.. Peed. Back to bedroom. Pulled sheets over and dove into the middle of the bed. Pulled the comforter up to my chin. Closed my eyes and sighed.

Drifted back off to sleep… time for the alarm to go off.

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