Is It Me?

I wonder sometimes if people think before they speak. Or if somethings just fly out of their mouths and they are just as surprised as the rest of us.

I really am having difficulties serving people these days. Don’t get me wrong I love doing my curb and helping customers on the floor it is having to go behind the customer service desk and help.

One of our regular customers came to customer service for her lotto and then I rang her through. Logged off the till and walked away. Did not even step out of the area when I was called because another customer wanted lotto. Another regular who apologized and I was like do not worry about it, that is why I am here.

She leaves and I turn and walk away. Around the cabinet when A said Jay another customer would like lotto. I turned back around and plastered my smile on my face.

Me: Hi what can I get for you today?

Customer: Service.

Are you shitting me? I do not even care if he thought he was being funny given he could see exactly how far I had gotten. I stared at him and asked again what I could get for him. Was there a tone? Probably. Actually I know there was. And then I felt bad for being so bitchy.

I flashed him a smile and did my little spiel. He was very quiet and when I told K she thought that maybe he realized what he had said and how inappropriate it was.

I am finding it harder and harder to bite my tongue at rude behaviour. And my mouth is getting a lot faster than the voice in my head that says Jay do not say that…..cease speaking…..just do not say it. Only I am no longer surprised by what I say.

April 6/22

The Man Under the Bed

Today’s blog is brought to you by a sudden winter storm that closed schools for the first time this school season
Chore time. The much dreaded, much argued time of the day. I kind of pick and chose the times when I have T his chores. Mostly because I do not remember until that moment. I have him put dishes away, change garbage bag and take garbage out to dumpster, feed the cats and the dreaded scoop the cat litter.
Yesterday he was hanging out in his room when I hollered at him that it was time to do the cat litter. He whined. I remained firm and kept repeating get out here and clean the cat litter. He whined some more before coming out into the kitchen. I am mixing the salad as he moans and gripes that it is so unfair that he has to scoop out the cat litter. Why did he have to do it? He was right in the middle of this cool video. My reply which got me that look was that there was a really neat feature that allowed you to pause the video exactly where you were and it will be there when you came back. He muttered away under his breath grabbing a plastic bag out of the plastic bag bag. I have two of them.
T asks me if there is a human being in the storage room.
My Response?
Not unless the guy I had tied up under my bed escaped.
T did not understand what I meant. So I went back over it again and he stared at me like I had grown horns. I really was not being funny he informed me, all I had done was creeped him out. Now that I think of it, I should have crept after him and yelled boo into the storage room. I would have laughed, he would have screamed, I may have ended up wearing cat litter. It maybe a good thing that I did not do that.
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