Row upon row

line upon line

of enraged crickets

teeth bared in feral snarl

as they prepared for war.

Facing across the muddy field

snow crusted and blooded

vicious canines

bullies of the world

ready to enforce their will.

Whilst all around the humans wait

unaware of the debris

the fall out of the war

being played out at their feet.

©Jay-lyn Doerksen

November 5/17

Perfect Hole

Have you ever looked at your arm/vein after having blood taken?

I am a weirdo and I hate when they force me to get a bandaid after blood being taken. I don’t like ripping the bandaid off. Leftover trauma from childhood.

Recently had blood taken, tech did not press bandaid on me after I refused it. I walked along the hallway, holding my arm out to my girl friend.

There was a perfectly round hole. Perfect. I had never seen it before due to the bandaids but now I could.

And it was beautiful.



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