A Mother’s Choice

The Ex and I have never not seen eye to eye on T’s care.
Until now.
I want to vaccinate T.
I want to be safe and not sorry.
This is no different than vaccines for Chicken Pox, Red Measles, Mumps, Pneumonia to name but a few.
The list goes on and on.
As a matter of fact over the winter months of his first year of life so November 2008 until March 2009 he received a shot that had to do with pneumonia.
It had been highly recommended along with the flu vaccine because he had been premature.
I have always been lucky in that T has only ever been super ill twice.
And premature once.
He did actually get pneumonia when he was a year and a half.
We spent a total of three days in the hospital.
Than I got sick as well and ended up on my back at home.
The other time he got super sick was Feb. 2020 when he was down for nearly three weeks.
Tired all the time.
It has now been five months or more that vaccines have begun to be administered.
And like the masks they bring with them controversy and division.
Vaccination is required to stem the disease.
A disease so many people deny exists.
I hear the lines:
But it was not Covid that killed them.
It was diabetes/heart attack/stroke etc.
And people are not wrong.
Covid is the head bank robber.
He makes all the plans.
He finds all the undefended nooks and crannies.
And he agitates the underlings whispering words like a lover caressing egos until suddenly there is a riot and bang it is all over.
Once in trying to get my head around this in the most simplistic fashion I posed this question to a friend who is smarter than I am:
So Covid itself is just a hijacker?
While it gives us cold/pneumonia like symptoms for most part if one is to have a serious underlying issue it amps the issue up on steroids?
Apparently while absolutely simplistic I am kind of right.
I have my own appointment on Saturday.
I sent a message to the ex asking for his permission to vaccinate T.
I got a ‘we will talk’ text back.
This is a case of safe not sorry.
And it degenerated rather quickly.
Ending with a short snappish text informing me that the next time my opinion is required he will make sure to take it into consideration.
I took a deep breath and put the phone down.
I was not going to respond though it was on the tip of the fingers to shoot back querying if he asked me about teaching T how to shoot a gun?
Letting him stay up until 4 or 5 a.m.?
Having him drive the vehicle because you have been drinking?
Letting him play with power tools when he was three and four?
Do you think that there is the possibility that I might be carrying a grudge?
Just a little one?
wp-1621250624866626565879900867546.pngThis showed up in my feed yesterday as I was scrolling through Facebook.
And I totally agree with the sentiment.
I am working on it that is for sure.
However I am adult enough to admit that I will most likely only get to maybe 75% compliancy.
The other 25% is still going to have the immature part of me flipping them the bird and mouthing f**k you behind my mask.
Not gonna lie.
©May 17/21
Picture is my own.
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Final Exam

Liquid shadow
oozing over
sidling through crowd
eyes upon the mark
there is danger here.
There is a conscious
eyes seeing
what others wished would not
on this list
one does not want
to find
names of familial knowledge.
Crimson lips crease
pursed in wicked smile
coming here
going there
he will call forth
to knee shall go
to bed shall end
hooded eyes
no longer seeing lies
ending a life
with sliced throat
gouged eyes
nary a sound be heard.
‘Tis the opinion
of learned council
an assassin is bred
given silver sword
to right so many wrongs.
©May 12/20
Picture via Pinterest
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