The Universe is Speaking

I pulled my first cards for the year from my Light Seers Tarot and my Isis Oracle. My Isis cards I work with every day. The Light Seers cards are ones I received back in November and have begun to work more with.

This does not include the new tarot and oracle cards I got for myself for Christmas. I believe, no I know that I have completed my collection for now.

The first cards pulled were The Magician and Flower of Life. Both about creativity. Both about manifesting what you want in life. Both talking about letting your creative desires grow.

I have to say I am fairly confident that the Universe is yelling at me and I would be a fool not to listen.

Jan. 2/23

A Piece of Advice to Myself

Yesterday as I was doing my reading for my Isis Oracle card I had several break through ideas.

Do not speak to others about others.

In other words do not gossip. Do not share my views on others. It is not my place to inform anyone about anything anyone else is doing.

Try to be kinder.

If I am unkind to anyone even in passing in my own mind I need to go to my heart and apologize to them. In doing so I do not carry the backlash of my negativity.

Life is not all roses.

I never would expect it to be. There are going to be days that I am going to struggle with being kind. With not complaining or allowing small things to bother me but I know what behaviour I want to emulate. I need to work on it day after day.

As I am sitting here, I am watching a movie on Prime that I stumbled onto quite by accident. And it has star power in it. The only thing that I am really struggling with is the main male character talks like Keanu Reeves. That slow methodical way of speech. As though he is thinking about each word and how it fits together.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Sci-Fi. Based on a Graphic Novel. Originally released in 2017. If that type of thing appeals to you I highly recommend it.

Oct. 1/22

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