Another Covid Rant

Well another day another dollar.
I was in the lobby all day today. Cart Cleaning shift. And while there are those who would hate it I was in my glory.
It was a beautiful day.
Sunshine and warm.
Really warm.
Have to wear a face shield and was in full uniform.
Full pants-black in color-temp hit real feel of 40 Celsius.
I was dying.
Guess what though?
I get to wear shorts while working Cart Cleaning Shift. I went and got a pair at lunch. Wow what a difference half a pair of pants makes. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Now though that is not what my conversation is about. Rather get ready for yet another Covid rant and people’s ignorance.
Social distancing is not hard.
2 meters-6 feet……hell most places even have circles on the floor/lines/arrows and yet……
Had a woman inform me today that she is more likely to die of heat stroke than Covid. Cool. Let me know how that works out for you.
Heat stroke is pretty easy for most people to avoid.
Water. Shade. Water. Shade. Repeat. Stay out of the sun.
Hell I mean when they issue a heat warning those are things they tell you to do.
Most people do right?
What the hell is the matter with people not wanting to protecting themselves and others?
I really don’t care if you don’t want to wear a face mask.
I don’t care that you don’t want to sanitize your hands.
What I do care about is when y’all come thronging through the door pushing and standing side by side and bursting past people in the entrance.
Take a moment and imagine a crowd being funneled through a hall that gets narrower. This is the space I work in.
It can get congested.
What I had to do today so that grown adults who have been told about social distancing…..who shop in our store…..some who haven’t….and remind them about social distancing.
Our goal is the protection and care of our customers. Of ourselves. People have no clue……so today as people were standing outside bitching that they
had to wait I shrugged my shoulders and directed traffic. Had a guy come up and say we are doing lines again I am not waiting.  Ok bye bye there are other
stores in the town who are not taking care of their customers go shop there.
I know I come on and rant every so often. Usually I am fairly laid back and easy. But now this is again becoming a point where people are putting their concerns
above anyone else. And that is where I have problems.
When I watch you push by my senior lady who I just held hands with so she could get up the curb also with her husband damn rights I am going to rant and rave.
I cannot tell you to your face what a giant ass idiot you are but I can come on here and let the world know all about you.
My lady always came in with her husband. Bright smile sweetest little thing. Since March only he has been coming in shopping. Today when they came I could tell she had been unwell. Her hair is thin and short. She had an abrasion behind her ear. Was a little lost. Never mind being a little shaky on her feet. I watched you decide that
waiting the one to two minutes it took her to get moving through the door and on her way shopping was too damn annoying for you so you pushed passed her.
Too many people these days have lost common courtesy. Too many people are forgetting basic social norms. Our elderly are to be protected. Our elderly are to be
kept safe. Our elderly are all mothers and fathers of someone.
Next time you feel like being a prick/bitch to the senior who is moving a little slowly/shakily and you want to go by……remember there is always another asshole/bitch just like you treating your parents that way.
This is my rant. This is where I am going to leave it.
©July 3/20
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And the Winner Is…..

I was not today but I certainly was yesterday. Confused yet? I would be for you have not had the pleasure of hearing the tale of the late ones.
Not sure if everyone recalls that I had made it a goal to have Tember to school no later than 9 a.m. And I was doing really well until now.
Back story to how this all came about: I was running later then usual and took the round-about a little quicker than I should have and yelled wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Tember looks at me and shakes his head. What? I asked fairly defensively. He has taken to making fun of me a lot……only right considering all the things I make fun of him about…..You have got to be the only parent that does that going around the corner. Well it is fun leaning like you are racing. Hey do you think that that is what late parents do? Race to not be the last? (There are a few of us) Okay Tember get ready undo your seat beat I will slowly roll while you fold and roll buddy we can’t be the last ones. Tember looks at me like I am absolutely nuts and gives me a kiss. This has now become a running joke with us. And seriously I cannot be the only one…..right?
In part the reason that I am getting later is sometimes I am writing. As was the case yesterday. Another part is brushing snow off the car. Again as was the case yesterday. Warm the car up in -30 C weather before being able to get out the door to take Tember to school. And I will say that yesterday was a doozy of a day. Cold and snowing blowing the car did not even warm up at all yesterday. I told Tember that I was fairly confident that I would not be the only parent dropping their kid off late……there had to be a few of us. And there were. But I get ahead of myself.
I pull in chortling because I am not the last vehicle. I can see three more cars come whipping around the round-about. But there is snow on the back window again so I have to get out and brush off. Tember shook his head and said oh god mom you are going to be that mom this morning aren’t you? I am guessing there is a mom like me every morning. You know that parent. Daring to make themselves visible to in coming classmates. He is lucky that I did not grab him and kiss him. Waved good bye and hopped back in car. As I drove away a couple of more cars in pulled to disgorge children. I giggled to myself as I pictured the other parents who now were not the last last cheering and punching air or dancing in seat or both chanting: I’m not the last one. I’m not the last one.
Well this morning I was most definitely the last one. I think. But in my defense it felt like -39 C. It was damn cold because even with having been plugged in my car had a really rough time starting. I start work later today so I plan to run the car a good twenty minutes before leaving. Will also have to run out on breaks and run car. These temps are hard on gas that is for sure but at least gas is now under a $1 so there is the silver lining there. We all bundle up. When you live in Manitoba you really cannot gripe about the weather…..we can always move.
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s winner…..maybe it will be me!
Jan. 16/20
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