It’s My Party-Holiday Diary Day 1

I promise that I will not bore you will daily updates of me on holidays. 
I know telling you how many pages I have read or written is not everyone’s cup of tea.
And I am rather a boring person as my two weeks are unplanned. Each day is going to be a surprise. 
An adventure if you will of untold delights and more time spent trying to get Thomas to lose weight. There is a measure of success as he is no longer as heavy as he was….I have no scale Tember and I are basing this on how it feels when we lift him up. 
I had a nap yesterday afternoon so it was around 10:30 when I finally fell asleep. 💤💤💤
A delightful sleep until 1:30; 3:15 and 4:30. 
4:30 a.m. on a Saturday the first day of my holidays and my eyes pop open wide awake. As I write this it is 5:12 a.m. Loki and Thomas are playing. Running around the living room.I am enjoying coffee and…..
48 years ago at 8:05 p.m. or 8:35 p.m. I arrived. Not without a bit of drama. 6 days late and 18 hours of labor according to mom. I have been told more than once that by the time I did arrive with help from forceps (I had a pointed head for a bit🤣🤣🤣🤣) mom could not have cared less if a brass band had marched through the delivery room. Not all that sure it would have been a terrific idea but who wouldn’t like the thought that a band played them into this world. I was a fat little thing and a colicky one. Not an easy child. Not an easy task raising me to adulthood and setting me free on an unsuspecting metropolis. 
Today I have no reflections. 
Today I have no answers. (Okay it isn’t like any questions have been posed at 5:18 a.m. given that I am alone save for the cats.)
Today I do have a cake sitting in the fridge. For me. All of it. 
Today I turn 48. 
©August 29/20
Pictures courtesy of Me

Death’s Slaughter

We are going to have a party
I am not so sure
that you will enjoy
as much as I do.
This party
it’s more for me than you.
pale pink
streaked crimson
do not look too close
I cannot have you running
that would be no fun.
Truth be told
I caught you once
I do not feel like doing it again.
I will tie you here.
Shackled to the chair
oh look
they even gave me one for your head.
Does that hurt?
Tiny pin pricks
watching blood well
eyes drawn tight
mouth shut
teeth gritted
I dig the tip in deeper.
Wanting to see you flinch.
Wanting to see pain.
Wanting to see terror
flit across your face.
Acid etched crosses on your chest
giggles erupt
I sit on the floor
cross legged.
Watching you struggle.
Watching you try to escape.
Curses flow
screams of desperation
as I wait.
Are you done yet?
Do I need to explain?
I won’t.
You know what you did
you and your kind.
I begin the countdown…..
plunge the syringe in
twisting to cause pain
send through
the coursing drug.
This one
it will kill you.
Cat playing with a mouse
bored once it is dead.
Strip off the gloves
one last glance around
this party is finished.
Light the match.
Walk away.
Death’s harbringer
slaughter is on its way.
©July 25/19
Picture via Pinterest

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