Behaving Badly

I think that I am beginning to burn out a little bit.
Only back from holidays 6 weeks ago and am already counting down  to my week off in New Year.
And I suppose I could blame it on menopause but I refuse to cop out that way.
While a portion might be due to hormones the balance is based on behaviour from adults that I am subjected to.
M: Ma’am you can go ahead and place your groceries on the conveyor.
****There is more then 2 meters between end of till where you put your groceries and the other end where paying.
C: She is not wearing a mask. I am not wanting to get that close.
***I look at the young lady paying who is one of my co-workers and not at work and we say nothing.
C: Why are people not wearing masks?
M: Until the gov’t mandates it we are unable to enforce it. All we can do is encourage our customers to wear a mask.
C: Well they have to wear them to go into Wal-mart and Superstore.
M: Ma’am they ask that customers wear masks however they cannot force them to wear them.
C: Well at least they try. I will not be shopping here again.
***Three grocery stores in town. In the two that have said masks are mandatory even staff are not all wearing masks. Where I work it is mandatory for staff to be masked. It is a part of our uniform.
I was in check out 1 yesterday afternoon.
I turn to smile at my approaching customer and realize that she has more then 15 items in her cart.
As I go to point this out to her she announces that she has three separate orders.
A customer is standing behind her so I called across to my supervisor:
M: L could you please take my next customer. She has three orders here.
Did I bellow loudly?
Yes I did.
This is not the first time that she will do this and it is not the last time either.
And she is smug about it.
Could not care less that there was a line up behind her.
And she wanted paper.
I put the last order in paper and turned while she and her friend loaded her cart.
I heard a rip and turned to see that she had grabbed the bag and pulled it up from the top.
No I did not offer her another bag.
I turned and began my next order.
It is not often that I will outright be a bitch to a customer.
Not often at all.
And it takes a lot to push me to that brink but of late there are more and more customers that seem to be succeeding.
In a time where we need more kindness, more consideration, more understanding I am seeing more selfishness, less care, less kindness.
More about what is in it for me?
More what are you going to give me?
More rolling of eyes.
More bad behaviour.
I have been told that if I am going to clean a till I should do it properly.
Want to know what I was thinking at that time?
I have been told multiple times not to put the bread on the bottom of the bag.
By children.
Customers who I could have given birth to are giving me a snotty attitude.
Looking down or rather up at me because I work in a ‘menial’ job.
Well my menial job is more important than that one that has you sitting behind a desk every day pushing buttons.
Tell me again who rang your groceries through?
Tell me again who stocked the shelves holding the groceries that you purchased?
Those of us with ‘menial’ jobs are the ones who silently stand taking your abuse, your lectures, your snide tone, your expectations that you are to be treated as if the Queen of England.
The derision you treat me with, that you treat my co-workers with, that you feel it is okay to make someone who is providing you with a service to cry and feel second class will rebound tenfold.
Karma is always watching.
And if we are lucky we get to watch it in action.
I apologize this was not suppose to be a rant and rave post.
But I am tired.
So tired of what I am seeing.
I want Tember to be so much better… much more…..but how do I ask him to do so when all around he sees adults acting badly?
©Oct. 30/20
Picture is my own

Poop on You!

Today is my last day of the first week back to work after holidays.
I have discovered that people are meaner.
I have discovered that people are ruder.
I have discovered that people think they need to pity me because I wear a mask at work.
Essentially it is a part of my work uniform. 
I don’t complain about wearing black shoes and pants. Or an apron.
I had a few people who told me how sorry they were that I had to wear a mask.
I looked at them weighing what I should say. And should I say it?
I went with the truth.
  1. I deal with people on a daily basis and have a 12 year old son. I am protecting him/his cohort/his teacher and all the people they come in contact with.
  2. I have a 12 year old son. Enough said.
  3. My ex’s gf works in health care. I am protecting her/her co-workers/her patients and all those they come in contact with.
  4. When I get sick colds always always settle in my lungs When I am coughing I sound like a barking seal and when it is really bad I cannot stop coughing or able to catch my breath.
  5. My ex is diabetic. 
I was pleasant.
I smiled.
Those are my reasons for wearing a mask.
Please do not make disparaging comments or offer me pity for doing my part to save others. 
How rude can I be before I make the cashier cry?
I am not the person to do this to. Once you have done something so idiotic as swearing at me (I am coming to that) you have made an
indelible impression and I will forever know who you are. Hope I do not find out where you work for I shall come and force you to be pleasant
and I will kill you will my kindness.
Is my cashier intentionally trying to ruin my life?
Yes absolutely. 
We actually take courses on how to ruin our customers lives. 
We know exactly what product you are coming in for and we made sure to sell it all out on you.
We also know absolutely every product within our store…….1000’s of items and when it will be in stock and where it originates from.
We only ever ask you for money solely to drive you insane.
****Just a brief note……try to let us say our whole piece before snapping out no. And we do not care where else you are donating or how often.
This is the charity we are working for. (Again am coming to this one)
Let me address the first one. 
I do not care how bad a day you are having you DO NOT……I REPEAT…..DO NOT SWEAR at your cashier.
This is a thing.
I was in express check out all shift yesterday. There is no real moving fast given that everyone is six feet apart and being unsure 
of what the regulations are or if the till needs cleaning so most tend to wait to be told to start unloading.
A lot of people coming to the grocery store may be their only outing of the day.
For a mom it may be the only time during their 10 hour day with the kids where they talk to another adult.
And people like to connect with others. 
I am doing my job chatting away when I finish my one customer and look to the next.
She is in transition.
I don’t care. 
I asked her how she was.
I am in a hurry.
Oh okay. And were you able to find everything?
I can’t hear a fucking thing you are saying behind that fucking mask.
Proceeds to stomp off.
As she is leaving our door girl wishes her a great afternoon/evening.
Go fuck yourself and you can kiss my ass.
Pity that she came through my till. Even more of a shame you attacked and yes I consider it an attack when you swear at my co-workers.
My co-worker is developmentally challenged. A real sweetheart and she just wants everyone to smile and be helpful. She sought me out
and told me. Right there……I mean yes she already would have been memorable but now she really is. I called my manager and told him.
We are going to go through the security footage so I can point him out. 
I am not going to give a full account of my second interaction as I understand where his frustration and anger came from.
However I am doing my job. 
Please again when asked if you would like to donate to a charity…..please just say no if you do not want to. Or no thank you. 
We are collecting $2 donations for the Child & Youth Mental Health Program for the Wpg Children’s Hospital. 
A regular gentleman comes through my till and he is always pleasant. 
I smiled did my thing and began to ask when he shut me down.
By rudely asking if I was going to donate to him for someone in his family who was dying.
I understand your despair. 
Your pain.
Your anguish.
It is totally unfair.
I do not know nor was I going to ask but I sympathize. 
I just do not need to be snapped at for doing my job.
And I most definitely do not know everything that is going on in my customers lives. 
I mean I know I am good but hell I am not that good. 
I suppose looking at my list here it is easy to see that my week has been 99.9% a wonderful return to work.
I am happy.
I am laughing.
And as I write this I realize something:
Today is day 62 of sobriety.
Yesterday those two customers would have once sent me to grab a bottle for a drink or two after work.
Instead I moved on not allowing them to impact me or my day.
I think that that is progress. 
I guess.
Have a fabulous Friday loves.
©Sept. 18/20
Picture is my own