Medley of Trust

fingers dancing
strings stirring
poignant murmuring
whispered love songs
on my knees…..
desire flames
drawn in
no where to run to
addicted to touch
to your lips
to your teeth
upon my flesh.
fingers of imagination
reaching out
caressing skin
rising up
hips shimmy
eyes closed
run my hands over
heaving breast
flicking tender nipples
renders me insensible.
Beneath your tender touch
I writhe
trading strings and bow
supple flesh
ply upon my body
the music of lust
taking us further and beyond.
©June 27/20
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Daddy’s Pleasure

Please note this is a continuation is a series. Prior to reading this poem you must read the four proceeding to understand the concept and meaning. These poems are sexual in nature between two consenting adults. Please consider this is a kink and do not judge.

I step back
babygirl remains
pressed to the wall
eyes wide
mouth moued
lips trembling
the heat of my body leaving yours.
My look
long and lingering
before I kneel at your feet
looking up at you.
I tickle my hands up your thighs
hearing your sounds
pleasured by your moans
until I come to your dripping lips.
With gentle care
I part them
before me your clit
needing my tongue.
That first flick
your legs begin to shake.
I slide two fingers inside
your warmth contracts
slick and wet.
I find your g-spot.
I feast upon the table
laden with sweet scents
salty tastes
golden blushed wine
gushing over my face.
I back away
still on my knees
looking up at you
adoring you
while you….
you are unable to move.
©Nov. 28/19
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