Old Guard Goodbye

You're a dick.
An asshole.
Vile, despicable man.
Narcissism runs strong in your veins.
Peer in the mirror
See the illusion on your face.
Falling for....
Your very own stories
A different reality
A lying truth
Veneered over
Plastic face
You see a halo 
Upon diamond head
We see 
What is really there
Beneath the pin striped suit.
Bullets fly from fingertips
Words not witty
Amuse the basest of base
Stand upon the pulpit high
Fist raised
In Nazi salute.
No one wants a bully. 
No one wants the old guard.
Change is coming.
Heralded not with a lion's roar.
Not with false bravado.
With wired words
Razor sharp 
Pressing the hard truths home.
Old men gather
Heads slung low
Last of a decaying regime.
No one mourns their sudden loss
For nothing they gave
Came without strings
Or crosses to bear
Good riddance to them.

©May 12/11

Next Time

Glassy eyed
blue red sky
sun beats down upon bent head;
there are more losses
than wins.
Time grows
days are weeks
weeks are years
years become millennium 
in a blink of an eye
with seconds to spare
man shaking his fist
lady standing screaming
everyone else-
they play dead.
Rockets splay across the night
breeding mares of demon
ribald laughing
scores the moon
with spilled blood
as the witches dance
upon tided sand
bonfires burn through the air.

©May 10/23
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