Alone within the crowd

eyes watching

eyes seeing

ears hearing

the rumbles beneath the facades.

Reaching out with care

a delicate brush of hand

along the mannequin face

pressing lips into a smile

tilt the head so she looks to be listening.

Beautiful people

they are everywhere

fabulously dressed

perfectly coiffed


As wars rage

rights are deleted

they no longer care

acting instead

party buffons

just like the man

on the stand

the one they put there.


He was brutal.

He was rage.

He was ice and fire

passion flaming from his pores.




lover of all women

and not a few men.

His work

genius creations

bold in color

sharp in style

made not a few

but many cry.

An aesthete


unlike most

who pretend

who are blind

to the beauty in all

in everything.

Photo by Art by Lønfeldt on Unsplash