Emmie/Emmellia Untitled Poem #9

Do you remember?
Caressing face
running hands 
over slender body
nary a hint of gender
words mumbled 
reassurances in grave voice
over and over
even as I screamed
you took your pleasure
that I was a child!
never ending
varying shades
can you see your hand 
can you see my face
can you hear my voice
it shall haunt you
until I am done
even then
not sure 
pain will end there.
You broke me.
You used me.
You sold me.
Told me I was a princess.
Told me I was a good little girl.
You told me lies
when all I wanted was your love
not this…..
unending need
carried with me through time
do you think
with your death 
that shall cure me?
Each cut
razor thin
maximize your pain
while minimizing 
chance you will die 
upon this table
before my revenge is done.
I bled before you
as men paraded
pink confectionary
canopy bed
beneath which
haunting to this day.
Bye bye Daddy o’ mine
broke my heart
broke my head
and now
you are going to bleed
slowly to death.
©Jan. 19/21
Picture is my own

Emmie Untitled Poem #8

Please note that this poem is a continuation of a set.
While each poem can be read individually there is a story.
The poems themselves I think are actually my outline as it had been suggested I make one.
The Entire Collection of Emmellia/Emmie read from beginning to this will piece things together.
Having said that this poem could very well be a trigger.
It deals with a scene I would prefer not to write but Emmie is being insistent.

legs closed
pretty dress
bow in hair
pony tail
ringlet curled
half way down her back.
swaddled in princess pink
lost in innocence
eyes bruised
look faraway
thumb in mouth
teddy on lap
it is time to fly
time to erase
if she leaves now…..
too late.
Door opens
looming shadow
heart stutters in fear
head down
eyes squeezed shut
please no 
please no 
whispered plea
hand reaches out
closing over hers
pulling her close
licking lips
ooooooooh tonight my precious
tonight we shall have fun.
Deep inside
huddled close
eyes shut
make it all stop
hand over mouth
shut up
little bitch
told you loved it
look at me 
look at me 
guttural roar
pull her close
crooning nonsense words
that it will never happen again.
©Jan. 18/21
Picture is my own