I’m Doing It

16 days ago I decided to start exercising. 15 minutes a day. And I am doing it.

Finished 15 on rower. Got up to 23 spm 90 watts burned 107 calories and did 300 strokes. I am totally bragging.

Every other day I do my glider. Yesterday I added in some abs exercises.

I am very proud of myself. And once I hit 60 days I get to buy something out of my Amazon cart. 🤪🤪🤪

©March 15/22

Having some issues

I really have been struggling to accept that T needs to make this decision on his own. I want to swoop in and make it for him but I cannot. Last night we were messaging back and forth and he was so frustrated. It is a hard decision to make.


Right before this part he had sent me: xypxxxxxyyyyittttttwwwwwwwqqqqqqqqqmmmmmmzzzz

I responded with: Don’t you swear at me.

T was in full on defense mode. He was not swearing. I laughed and told him that I knew that, I was trying to make him smile.

Then I sent him the above. 

He is a good kid. And he will do what is best for everyone concerned, except me. Because I just roll with it no matter what.

March 10/22


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