What Do You Fear?

When I was a little girl riding the bus with my mom another passenger was a black woman.
Now I am not sure how old I was but it must have been before I was in day care as my favorite caregiver Betty was black.
I embarrassed mom by saying very loudly: Mom look that lady is made of chocolate milk.
That was all I could think of relating her color to.
The woman apparently took great delight in my description and laughed.
When we are children to us color is meaningless.
Our skies are green and the grass is orange.
We live in a world that sees everything through a lens of innocence and wonder.
As we age our views begin to become more colored by our parents, peer group, television etc.
Our communities.
I am finding more and more that my headlines are filled with accounts of  racism.
Against people who have come to Canada for a better life.
And I cannot understand what it is that people are fearing that causes them to lash out at someone who is a different from them.
Almost always white men.
At least 98% with 2% being white women.
I know that racism is not a white thing.
Everywhere you go there it is.
Yet it seems that only white people continue to shout the loudest from the rooftops.
White folk who are acting out in the most ignorant of ways.
White folk who are so unable to change because of delusional beliefs that are held.
Please explain to me the rational behind a rant.
Please explain to me what the person ranting gets out of it.
Fifteen minutes of notorious fame.
Fifteen minutes that will burn in the hearts and minds of the people who endured the onslaught of vicious words and thoughts.
Fifteen minutes.
©July 16/21
Picture is my own

My Apologies

I will apologize right from here.
I am going to be discussing a situation that I see occurring that appalls me.
And the fact that it is going uncontested makes my blood boil even more.
However what I am going to discuss has no bearing on me and my life (yet) but it affects millions of Americans.
People who have voted.
People who have signaled loud and clear as to what they no longer want.
Governed by a corrupt body of men and classless women.
I get to sling mud without facts and no one can stop me.
Isn’t that the spin that is put out there.
If you want it badly enough all you need to do is act like a petulant child and stomp your feet on the world stage none the less so everyone can see exactly what an overgrown baby one is seems to be the norm.
Headlines that touted Biden’s win are being degenerated as false news.
World leaders save for a few tyrannical ogres have already congratulated and are looking forward to working with a man who has a level head on his shoulder and is not looking to line his pockets with money that he has not earned.
Money that is paid by the people of the United States in taxes.
Money that theoretically is suppose to be returned into infrastructure projects/environmental projects/protection of species/land etc.
Money that is now going to be used so Donald Trump and his soul sucking vampiristic sycophants who have made it very plan that they care for no one but themselves to attempt to circumvent what the people want.
Who the people have chosen.
I have never been a fan of Trump.
Never ever ever ever ever ever ever.
I am there person who would have stood behind him on the elevator as he was going down smiling and waving while driving me spiked heel (not that I wear them but how else would I have been allowed into the inner sanctum) into the back of his calf and pushing then turning with a horrified look as like a giant orange boulder he bounded to the bottom of the stairs and right on out the door.
Yep remember folks the sweet smiling Jay that appears most of the time really does cover up a vicious crotchety empathetic woman who can skewer you with knives and still come out smelling like roses.
I am a writer.
Losing my train of thought as there are so many of them on this subject.
If I do not get them out I will go stark screaming mad and no one wants that.
Money: Your money is being stolen by a giant orange baby who mumbles and makes asinine statements with no bearing to truth.
Truth: Something that has been in short supply during the last 4 years.
Insults/Slander: Something that has been available and for free throughout the last 4 years and counting.
Misogyny: This is a man who has celebrated a rape culture.
Racist: This is something that I do not even have to define.
***If you believe that Trumps immigration policies and the tearing of families apart is right I am not sure that my blog is the right one for you***
Again I am not American.
I am a Canadian watching from above and horrified by what she is seeing.
I have kept my mouth shut for the most part.
Yes there are a lot of poems making mock on here but other than that I have been silent.
And even my poems could be attibuted to anyone.
I cannot be silent any longer.
Do not sit idly by while Trump and his cronies attempt to steal the election that is fair and just.
An election where the voice of the people have spoken.
This is not a time to stand on the sidelines.
I am not advocating violence.
Violence is the forte of bullies and the ignorant.
Violence is how tyrants hold to power because no one else will have them.
What I am advocating is a storm of phone calls.
Regardless if your elected official is Dem or Rep call them.
Raise your voices louder.
If the official chimp refuses to leave the Big Cage the caretakers should be pulling out the tranq gun and firing.
Sedation for the next 72 days.
I always look at things in the best light.
I always believe (despite multiple examples which prove otherwise) that there is good and decency in people.
Mitch McConnell.
William Barr.
Two men who could actually be men and say ‘No there has been no fraud/no theft of election sir it is time to grow up and be an adult.’
Instead both men (who I mean come on is clearly entrenched in the outgoing fraud’s pocket) despite a clear lack of evidence and election officials stating that everything was on the up and up have cleared the way to spend tax payers money again to once more reach the conclusion that the vast majority of the American people do not want to be saddled with an embarrassment for four more years.
For those who have endorsed Trump for the last four years……
For those who have endorsed his cronyism…..
For those who have endorsed his vile practices of caging children and ripping feeding infants from a mother’s breast…..
For those who have endorsed his corruption…..
For those who have endorsed his lies…..
For those who have taken his words to mean a revival of White Supremacy…..
For those who have endorsed and enacted his violent vitriol…..
An accountability will have to be made.
A return to normality will be made.
And once it has…..
once the dust has settle I really hope that you can look in the mirror and square away your behaviour for the last four years.
I am not only meaning the politicians who again c’mon those men in his pockets who could care less about their constituents they just know the words to say to appease those who will vote for them I am talking about the every day man and woman.
I doubt it though.
Too many people have fallen for the me ideology.
I can only hope that there are more people out there with a ‘we‘ attitude and ideology but of late my optimism and hope in regards to this have become sullied with the acts of desperation and the fact that credence is being given to false claims which makes my heart hurt.
I am a Canadian with friends who live in the States and I fear for them.
I can only hope that in the next 72 days rational cooler heads will prevail and transition will be calm and peaceful.
What I am fearing is 72 days of violence and rhetoric.
What I am fearing is the start of a Civil War.
Laugh at my fears and if none come to pass I will willingly laugh along with you.
Have a terrific Tuesdays my lovies.
©Nov. 10/20
Picture is my own