Successful Day Off

My lazy day consisted of three loads of laundry and running the dishwasher.

Changed the sheets on my bed. Took some clippings that had rooted and planted them.

The other day I finally transplanted my Lime Cypress. And I can certainly see it improving.

I took a nice long nap. And then soaked on the tub and read.

One of the authors I discovered through Freebooksy. And it is good. I need to check for and put book 2 on my wish list at Amazon.

House of Bastiion- The Hairden Legacy-K.L. Kolarich.

Really good.

Now relaxing with a pepsi watching Inside Job on Netflix for the second time.

Today was a successful say off.

Good Days Abound

Yesterday I ended my lazy day soaking in the bathtub reading. The Heart of the Lion written by Martin Turnbull. If I have not extolled the joys of this man’s writing allow me to do so now.

He writes about old Hollywood. The beginning of. The growth of. I love love love his writing. In case you failed to notice I love his writing. I have every one of his books. The last book in his Garden of Allah series sits in his collection. Withering away for I am not yet ready to say good bye to Katherine, Gwendolyn and Marcus. Not ready for their stories to be done.

The Heart of the Lion is about Irving Thalberg’s Hollywood.

I wanted to double check the names so I had searched Martin in Amazon and there are two books he has written that I have not read, nor had I even heard of them. They are now on my wish list.

Thank Your Lucy Stars: A novel of World War II Hollywood and All The Gin Joints: A novel of World War II Hollywood.

History and Hollywood. Two of my favorite reads. Combined. What more could a woman ask for on a cold winter’s eve?

Today I have cleaned and painted. And now I am on the couch. Once I finish this and post I will be turning off the movie (Seven w/Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman) and putting the fire place on Youtube. Snuggle up with Lucky munch on some pistachios and return to the 1930’s and Hollywood’s birthing pains into the talkies. And the Depression.

Tomorrow I get to relax and watch some more movies on my lists.

Today has been The School for Good and Evil. Seven and Day Job/break. It was a Jamie Foxx vampire shtick thing. Not bad.

Enjoy your weekend.

It has been a good one.

Nov. 12/22

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