Lazy Hazy Saturday

Despite all my gripping about my ex we really are good friends.
We co-parent well for  the most part.
I do the raising he does the  playing lol.
Turns out that I need to thank his girlfriend for getting him to agree that I could get T immunized.
That is one mystery solved.
I was up early as usual and watered my plants outside before I settled in to read my emails (I have said it before but I get emails that notify me of blog posts on those blogs I follow) and coffee.
I watched the skies seeing clouds and getting a little bummed but by 9:30 I was out in the sun sitting and reading.
I am reading a free download called The Vegas Rift by David F. Gray.
It was listed under horror but sounded more fantasy/sci fi and intrigued me.
How there is a passage between our world and another that is a warped version of Vegas.
I started to read and the first bit was a bit of a struggle to get through.
I understood that the beginning was building up to the whole of it but until he reaches the end of the bridge having thus crossed the rift and he encounters people that I saw there was more to it and I needed to give it a little more time.
He being Sam Carr.
His younger brother whom he has gone to Vegas with had disappeared and he was/is determined to find him.
There are beautiful people.
There are illusions that cloak the reality that something was feeding off the souls of the others in the cavern.
The story has many twists and turns.
There is a beast that Sam releases.
I found myself at one point during their escape where I was holding my breath one hand pressed to my stomach as I wondered if in fact he was going to be successful.
I am still not finished.
Have approximately 40% of the book left to read.
Right now this novel is a solid 4 stars from me.
It could well be 5 stars I will keep you posted.
Around 1 the ex stopped by and convinced me to come to his place.
He has a redneck pool and I could spend more time with T.
Packed up the car with my fake wine, the watermelon I had purchased for him, some pop, two water bottles and my chair with kindle.
Laid on the floatie for a bit in the pool and then returned to sit in the sun.
And read.
We had a lot of conversations.
Different ones.
He still likes to hear himself talk and at one point I screamed at him to shut up as I was still talking.
Screamed is accurate as I recall it.
Think I startled him because he shut his mouth.
And T told him to stop being so rude.
They made roll kucken which is dough deep fried.
Not sweet.
Eaten with watermelon.
Also cheese sausages and salad for dinner.
It was a good day.
After getting home we were hit with a rain/thunderstorm.
The videos say it all.
Today I am working 12-6:30.
Not keen on the Sunday working but it is only one every 8 weeks so I cannot complain.
And I am off at 1:30 Thursday back on Monday.
I mean seriously that pretty much rocks.
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.
©June 6/21
Pictures/videos my own

Alert! Alert!

With the rise of Covid cases in my province measures have once more been put in place.
10% capacity in stores.
Which means that once more there are line ups.
It was not so bad at work on Friday.
Only twice was there a line during my shift and even then it was only a few minutes as my customers told me.
Yesterday was a glorious day.
I cleaned the apartment.
Washed the floors.
The litter boxes.
The storage room where I keep the litter boxes.
I went and sat outside for two hours and read as well.
Got me a little color.
Plan to get out there soon and enjoy the sun today too.
I am reading Graveyard Shift.
Written by D.M. Guay.
I am loving it.
The main character is a goofy loser who is drowning in debt living at home and disappointing his mother. No Job. Plays video games all night. Sleeps all day. Has an obsession with slurpees (Canadian term) slushies in the book and a crush on the girl working at the Dairy Mart where they have the most slushies ever.
Turns out that there is a portal to hell and they guard it to keep out the possessors/snakemen etc out while allowing demons with proper accreditation through to party the night away.
I am only half way through it.
Our hero is quite whiney in some regards but also super loveable.
At least to me.
He is aware of his faults and loves his mom.
Oh and the night manager of the ‘Demon Mart’/Dairy Mart is Kevin.
A Roach.
With a hand as a roommate.
So far I am giving it a 3.5 out of 5.
And just checked have only read 45% of the book.
Oh yeah and his Guardian Angel is an Eight Ball.
After I had a short nap T made us dinner.
Tilapia and salad.
It was amazing in that I did not have to cook.
I had been going to go over to Co-Op to grab Pepsi but looking over at all the cars at the gas pumps and in the parking lot and nope no way no how.
I don’t handle being in line ups well.
My anxiety amps up.
Which is super weird given that I work with the public.
Or maybe I just don’t want to be seen.
Who knows?
I told T that he could go over after supper.
Gave him my bank card.
I am sitting here playing a game on my phone trying not to let my imagination run away with me.
He is waiting in the line up.
That is all.
No one has kidnapped him.
Just as I have this thought my phone goes off alerting me to my bank card being used.
Next thing I know he comes barreling through the door.
Apparently it was raining.
I said nothing about my niggling worry.
Remember I am trying to let go a tad…..let him be a young man.
T: I told the guy behind me that if we had to wait much longer that you were going to put out a missing persons alert on me.
I laughed and asked what the guy had said.
He had laughed too.
Does my son know me or what?
©May 16/21
Pictures are my own