I Promise they Won’t Melt

Do y’all believe that I have the strangest customers?
I bet some might imagine that I am making some of my stories up but I so am not.
People are weird and I seem to meet them all.
I have also discovered that customers hunt me down when I am on the floor because
“You are the woman who knows everything.”
What a title to have when the everything you know is what grocery products you carry.
I hear that not only from customers but staff as well.
We have 1000’s of products and while I do not know every single one of them the vast majority I do.
I have a rather weird memory.
As a kid I played memory with cards all the time by myself.
Also played Trivial Pursuit left hand versus the right.
No one wanted to play with me ever as I always knew the really out there ones.
Playing with mom and brother usually ended with me winning and them always asking me how the hell I knew the answers.
A wonderful thing when it works.
Mine does not always perform on command but it always has the answer.
Some days I just need a little more prodding.
We have fast hit our summer temps and have been having high humidity.
Some days are hot hot hot and others are temperate.
Yesterday was a temperate day.
Not hot not cold just right.
Not for me but others.
It was a dead day for me with a total of two orders both of which were for today.
I pre-pulled them for J today (the infamous J of the blown oven story) and spent the rest of the day helping out in the front.
It had been requested of me to work back stock (most of which I had done the day before) and facing.
I don’t mind but all day long.
But K had a lot to do so my remaining down front and helping there helped her a lot more and she was able to get her things done.
We had a small rush and I was ringing people through at CS.
Now if one is not buying lottery and we have a line up you are to wait at check out one until we come and pull you over to CS.
I was ringing through one customer when another regular customer passes the till and stops.
She comes back and stands in front of me at the till.
C: I just want to thank you so much for your continued best service all the time every time.
Me: Why thank you.
She left.
I bragged a little to K.
There are two customers at check out one and I am just about to go and get the last customer when a gentleman comes beetling over.
I know he does not buy lotto but maybe he has a question for the reigning Queen of Knowledge.
Me: Hi are you buying lotto today?
Customer: No but can I ring through my few items here?
Me: If you are not getting lotto you need to wait at #1 and I take customers in order of the line up.
I need to help that lady first. (walking towards the till)
Customer: But I have ice cream! That is why I came to you.
Me: Sir the ice cream is not going to melt.
Customer: Are you sure?
Me: M’am I can help you at CS.
A minute later I am done and go back over to collect the gentleman.
Me: Sir I can help you now.
Customer: Oh it is ok she is going to help me right away.
Me: You have a fabulous day sir.
This will now become a thing as it does every summer.
Needing to jump the queue because your ice cream might melt.
While standing in line for at the most 4 minutes.
My ice cream sat in my trunk Wed for 40 minutes and it was 100% humidity even after the rain.
Put my cold stuff on top of it and went back to wait for T to finish his appointment.
If my ice cream did not melt than I am fairly confident that yours will not melt while standing in line waiting for a cashier.
©June 11/21
Picture via Pinterest

I am a Weeper

I’m a weeper.
Anyone who knows me in person has seen me weep and those of you on my blog have read many a post about my weeping.
There is a difference between weeping and crying.
Weeping: tending or liable to cry; given to crying.
Crying: demanding attention or remedy; critical; severe:
That is the definitions I found.
With weeping it is the third definition as the other two mention crying.
With crying I went with the first definition.
Odd how the definition of crying does not mention tears at all.
Never mind the menopausal issues arising I still am in sync with a close work partner and mirror her PMS.
Last Saturday I was so bitchy when I it dawned on me and I shot off a text that only other women will truly understand:
Me: Did you get your period yet?
Response: Yeah last night only thing is the raging PMS today.
Me: Me too thank you now I get why I am feeling like this.
When I was PMS’ing or PostMS’ing  I wept.
Watching t.v
Talking to just about anyone.
When I began my drift into menopause I realize that I did not weep as much.
Now though as I begin to steamroll my way into menopause I find that I am becoming a weeper again.
I mentioned in one of my Covid posts that I am restricted from looking at the obituaries because I was weeping when I discovered that another customer had passed away.
It is hard.
So many of my seniors no longer come in.
Those who still do I want to hug.
One of my regulars her husband passed away and I had ‘known’ them for 20 years.
I stood and talked with her (weeping) and I wanted to give her a hug so badly but we were on the floor and other customers around.
I love giving hugs.
Hugs are all encompassing.
Hugs make the person know the words you cannot speak.
With hugs I weep.
I feel the person’s emotions and try to draw them away.
Not intentionally but it happens.
I just want them to feel better.
So I weep.
Maybe the weeping is my way of shedding the emotions I am syphoning from others.
The whole start to this was to discuss my growth or what I have viewed as growth.
Instead I meander all over the place about my weeping and empathy.
Yesterday at work I discovered that a friend had been going to school for the last year.
It hurt that I found out from my supervisor and not her but I will get over it.
She did not slight me or neglect to tell me first.
Her own husband told her she was such a jerk not to have told me first.
Was she worried about how I might react?
Subconsciously maybe she did not want to tell me because it made it real?
That she might leave.
Last evening she messaged me about a regular customer who had been wearing masks and then decided not to.
She had just seen him in Wal-mart wearing a mask!
I lol’d and said yeah I had seen him in the store wearing a mask too.
We both wondered what happened.
Did someone talk to him?
Did he receive a fine?
Did he lose his job?
This man was belligerent about wearing the mask.
Stomping through the store and pulling on his mask whining and crying about it.
While 3, 4 and 5 year olds are all around him wearing masks and watching him wondering why he is being a big baby.
That is an aside and meander.
I asked her wtf not telling me she was going to school?
And I did type it as wtf not all spelt out for that would be rude.
Which is when we had that conversation about her being a jerk.
And I told her that she is not a jerk and that I was very happy for her.
She is a friend and if this is something that she has always been interested in she needs to give it a try.
That I support her 100%.
As I wrote those words and as I write them now I am weeping.
I am happy for her.
The sadness I feel is for myself.
For knowing that she will move on and not be there as often.
But as with others in my life this is a cycle.
People come.
People leave.
The situations and the lessons you learned from them may not be apparent but eventually they will.
My co-worker and I started at the same time.
She went on extended Mat leave.
As the lead I re-hired her and promoted her to supervisor.
She was the one who found me in the cash office and went to the hospital with me.
She saved my life that night and I have never told her.
It is going to be hard to let go of her.
She means a lot and we laugh our butts off when we work together.
But I cannot hold her back.
It is my turn to give her strength and courage to go forward.
Like she did for me.
Maybe this post isn’t really about weeping.
Maybe it is more about people who come into your life and leave after they have taught you something.
There is always that main core group of friends in one’s life.
There are always the fringe friends.
And within that orbit move the people who are meant to push you along to another path/level.
We never realize it until after.
I am lucky in that I have warning that she may be leaving.
Okay that she is going to leave.
But without her I would not be the person that I am today.
And I will miss her like hell.
And I am weeping.
©April 8/21
Picture is my own