It’s Been Awhile

T wandered out and peered into the fridge. Then opened the freezer. Looked at me and asked what we were having for dinner.

He spent 3 hours yesterday doing homework. And has more yet to do. He might not be happy with me but hey I am not the one who should be doing the work.

At one point I began to say something to him and he interrupted me to say he already knew what I was going to say to him. So I said ok what am I going to say?

He responded with how he brought this on himself. And while it proves he listens to me (or I use the phrase way too often) it was not in fact what I was going to say. I wanted to remind him that homework and completing any and all school work is a responsibility. If he cannot do this then he is not responsible enough to have a job. And he really wants a job.

First idea for supper was salmon when I realized we had not had spaghetti in a very long time. So spaghetti it was. With cheese buns. And homemade garlic margarine.

T helped with the buns. Got the plates ready. Supper was a roaring success. T even helped with the clean up. But I am still not helping with his homework. 🤪🤪

Jan. 4/23

Coiled Sanity

My chains
No less binding
Being made of gold
Rather then silver
Each link forged
With a diamond clasp
Evil tainted
An object
A possession
For you.
Like a fool
I thought.....
You said I was special
You said there was no other
You said
So many things
Half lies
I never knew
Which man I would see
Easy going
Full of laughter
Snarling with disbelief
At my so called stupidity.
What did I do?
To make you a monster?
Where am I lacking?
For you to have fallen out of love?
My heart breaks.
My silence grows.
Into it.....
Your melodious voice
Digging beneath my skin
My sanity
Fills the empty hours
Vile words
Until I am no more
A bloody mess knelt before.....
Vacant eyes
Your mouth
So busy were you
Slashing at me
Swords of words
You failed to see supper's new ingredient.
They will say it was justified.
They will say it could have had no other outcome
Unless it was I
Who had ended up dead.

Dec. 29/22
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