Day off made of Dreams

I was off today and it has been a great day.

Laundry done. Bed stripped and sheets done. Garbage out. Dishwasher going and I even got all the cups and bowls/plates from T’s room. Hung up and sorted clothes. And made scalloped potatoes.

Oh and I soaked in the tub reading and it was heavenly.

What a wonderful day off!

©Nov. 3/21

Picture is my own

Laughter is the best medicine

Today was an awesome day.

I was in till all day and my customers were amazing. We had lots of joking around and although he does not know it I talk about T and how he made supper every night this week.

Granted it was chicken three nights (I bought a rotessiere chicken on Monday and it gave us three meals) and the last two nights pizza. We were suppose to go grocery shopping but someone decided they did not want to go shopping. Neither did T lol as he told me when he got home.

So many people are impressed with how responsible T is. That he is making supper, vacuuming and sweeping. I still have to pay him for it which helps to encourage him to do these things for me.

This is going to be a relax evening. Grocery shop and clean first thing tomorrow morning and then to sit outside. Major hot temps this weekend so fingers crossed I will get out there and enjoy it.

Have a fabulous Friday and a terrific weekend.

Sept. 17/21