It Walked Away

I was in foul humor yesterday.
Just not in the peopling mood and irritated.
It did not help that the one order that I did have the customer called to complain because I had shorted the order.
We were out of stock/wrong items picked and they do not allow for substitutions.
A total of three items.
And people!
This coming nearly right after my post about how I love to help people.
I cannot even put my finger on what was causing the irritation.
I tried to smile.
I tried to be polite.
And I was on the surface.
It was what was going through my head that was not so polite.
I have a very late lunch most days unless I am cashiering.
Those breaks are scheduled.
When I am in curbside I schedule my breaks around the front end so that I do not overlap with anyone else.
This way help is always on hand.
Yesterday’s lunch was 3ish by the time everyone else had their breaks and I finished what I was doing.
Usually I come home but not yesterday which also may have lead to the continued feeling of irritation.
I did not have my usual 30 minutes talk to no one break.
I am a little weird though.
Okay make that a lot weird.
As I was leaving to go and get cat food and litter from the pet store a couple were coming in.
I bolted passed them rudely and was heading down the sidewalk when it dawned on me that I needed my car keys and had to go back into the store.
I went in behind the couple and realized the woman was wearing a cast and on crutches.
Me: Excuse me? M’am.
Customer turns to look at me.
Me: I am not sure if it might not be easier but we have a motorized cart you could use.
Customer still looking at me.
Me: I just thought it might be easier for you than the crutches.
Husband: What do you think?
Customer: I think I would really like that.
I take the customer over to the cart and also let her know that we could keep the crutches behind Customer Service.
I left and got my cat food and litter.
Dropped off in the car.
Stood at the crosswalk and watched as 6 cars sped passed me not one person slowing down or acknowledging that I was there.
Scary that people think that driving in a parking lot doing 30-40 km is totally fine.
Cannot count how many times our courtesy clerks have nearly been hit.
When I got home it was to discover that T had not only not read my text message until 5 minutes before I got home the garbage had not been taken out.
When I asked why he thought the items were on top of the garbage can.
He responded with he thought it was because they were too big to go in the garbage can.
He was not thrilled that I made him get off the Xbox and come help me with cleaning up the cat room.
Not a real room solely for cats but our storage area is where the litter boxes are.
Last night was a thorough cleaning.
Swept and vacuumed floor.
I vacuum after sweeping to ensure that everything is picked up.
And I have an old vacuum that I keep for this purpose only.
T did step up and give me a hand.
Making supper.
Which was pizza and I still had to assist.
By the time I finally sat down to relax it was 6:45.
I put on Nancy Drew and finished the season.
It was awesome.
9 p.m. rolls around a lot faster than one would think when you have to go to bed.
I start to look for the remote.
It is not on the couch.
It is not on the table next to me.
It is not between the cushions.
Me: T come and help me.
T: What?
Me: T come and help me. I cannot find my remote.
I know you are wondering how it is that if I cannot find the remote how on earth will T?
T: Where did you last leave it?
Me: Here. I thought I left on the laptop tray but nope.
I am on my knees head down trying to see under the couch.
T: Mom it is here somewhere it did not just up and walk away.
Me: Yes it did.
T: Mom no it didn’t.
Me (sitting up): Of course it did. If your stuff can up and walk away so can mine.
T looks at me.
Me: Sounds a little silly when I say it huh?
I turn on the flashlight on the phone and resume the position.
Me: It is not in the cushions. It is not on the floor. It is not on the tray.
T begins laughing.
Me: What is so funny?
T: Mom… I saw something.
Me: What?
T laughing: Mom stand up.
Me looking around and under myself and seeing no remote.
T: Mom just stand up.
So I did.
And stood looking around stupidly while T is dying laughing.
His stomach hurt him at the end of it.
T: Mom look at the couch.
I look over and there the remote is.
On the top of the back of the couch.
A place I would never ever put the remote.
Yet I did.
T was still bent over double laughing.
I laughed as well.
Not as heartily or as long as T did but that is mom humor for you.
When it really works for the kids it does not always work for you.
©July 6/21
Picture is my own

Did I break You?

If y’all remember not that long ago I had the fun of trying to get my Fire stick replaced.
How they could not create a label so they put money on a GC on my account for me to use.
Also discovered that the one I had was not suppose to work to turn t.v. on and adjust volumn.
Apparently my remote and Fire stick were having an identity crisis given that if I unplugged it from the wall the it worked to do all of that.
I have now had the new Fire stick a generational upgrade which works to turn the t.v. on and off as well as adjusting volumn.
Home page looks different.
But it has worked ever since I plugged it in.
No problems at all.
Now I have to return the item.
I have been putting that off because I thought I had to go to the UPS store for some reason.
Got the printer down from the cupboard (I remembered this time) and printed off the return label discovering that it was to go back expedited Canada Post.
That was easy I did not have interact with a single soul.
Put the items to return back in envelope new stick came in.
Rolled it over and over and secured it tightly with…..electrical tape.
Then I taped the return label to the bundle.
Again with electrical tape.
I had to run down to the main post office but as I was going to wash the car anyways it was no skin off my nose.
And when I say run down to the post office it required me crossing the street and driving 4 blocks to the post office.
I was back and in the car wash bay no more than 5 minutes after leaving the house.
Stop signs.
Also tried to shove it into the post box where I get my mail to no avail which precipitated the drive to the main one.
I was the only one in the carwash so I did not put my mask on.
As I finished up a car came in but I was leaving so it worked out well for both of us.
While washing the car I realized that I had also included the remote that had been sent to me to replace what was thought to be a faulty remote.
Decided when I got home that I would email CS and let them know.
I broke the poor person.
It took more than one attempt to explain that all I was doing was letting them know that the old stick was in the mail along with the other remote.
My desire to let them know that I had returned item lead to a great deal of confusion.
He could not understand.
He thought a parcel was lost.
He could find nothing to track.
When had I mailed it?
My sarcasm went something like this:
I have no concerns.
I am literally letting you know that I put the package into the mailbox.
This morning.
This lead to an abrupt change and they had finally figured it out.
Was asked if they could do anything else to help me?
Again sarcasm:
Thank you no. You have been incredibly helpful this morning and now I can spend the rest of my holidays stress-free over my return.
Maybe that time it go through because the chat window snapped shut before I could take a picture of it.
It was sarcasm wrapped in politeness at its finest.
Ah well I am sure I will get to do this again and again.
Sarcasm is a language I am fluent in.
Have a great Saturday people.
I think I am going to make another pot of coffee.
©May 22/21
Picture of me
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