When it comes down to it…..

I am a pretty lackadaisy mom.
I parent like I teach.
Hands on experience is the only way to learn.
Granted I am not going to allow him to blow himself or others up but I also do not hover over top of him.
He has interests that I don’t understand.
But that is okay because although he is a mini me in the male form he is also himself.
However this passed week we had two defining moments.
On Wednesday after the windshield wiper debacle I came home to garbage not taken out.
I had been hounding and hounding and hounding.
And I lost it.
Dishes still in the sink and dish rack.
There was a moment of rage.
I grabbed the garbage and stormed out.
Actually this is not true.
First I railed at him about the garbage not being taken down.
Screeched when I realize I have forgotten drink and go stomping over to Co-op.
I am sitting here trying to think of an apt description of how I sounded but I cannot.
A mom screech though is a horrifying thing to hear.
I walk back into the apartment and the first thing I see is the garbage…..still at the bottom of the stairs.
Me: Are you not going to take the garbage down?
T(turning towards me still in shorts with a plate in one hand and a chicken drumstick in the other): Huh?
Me: Forget it. Just forget it. I will take the garbage down.
I came back in and I poured a cup of coffee.
Sat on the couch.
I no longer wanted to eat.
I was frustrated.
I was annoyed.
Thursday and for the rest of the weekend T was responsible.
On Thursday he did the grocery shopping.
Stayed well within budget.
Better than me anyways.
Although he attempted to switch the brand of cat litter because the Arm & Hammer was cheaper.
I sent him back for the right stuff.
He made dinner on Thursday.
I came home Friday and the tasks I had set him to were done.
I was feeling good.
He had heard.
I did not yell.
I did not scream.
I talked loudly.
Something that I should be very proud of.
I come from a family of yellers.
The louder you yell the more you win.
Yeah no.
No one hears a damn thing when you yell.
Fast forward to last night and my discovering that he did not do his school work on Friday.
During the time he was suppose to be in class.
He had given himself the day off.
He did not have to go to school on Saturday so why do the work when he had all weekend to do it?
I asked if a babysitter was required.
Absolutely not.
A babysitter would be such a waste of money.
Why did he need a babysitter.
We went back and forth.
T’s argument came down to had it been Wednesday he would have done his work.
Because he had school on Thursday.
But he had all weekend after Friday.
My argument came down to he had five hours structured from 9-2 to do his school work.
From 11-1 he has a break.
1-2 class/workbook done.
He does not get to just give himself the day off.
That was irresponsible of him.
Were he is school in class he would have been doing the work there would have been no giving himself the day off.
It is going to be a couple of days before I see any benefits from last night’s conversation.
He is still annoyed with me.
I am being so mean making him get up and have a shower.
He snapped at me.
Also he is not a morning person.
Unless he has gone to bed at a decent time.
By which I mean 9 p.m. instead of 10-10:15.
I think that I threw the word irresponsible again when I woke up at 10:15 thought that it was after midnight and he was still up.
I was peering at the kitchen clock on the stove.
No glasses.
I know that we are not always going to see eye to eye.
I know that T thinks I am being so hard on him.
I am giving him a lot of leeway in allowing him to stay home unsupervised.
And it is because I do trust that he is going to do what he has to do.
But when he pulls a stunt like this I will reign down upon him the wrath of mom.
When I was younger I had a wicked temper.
I remember mom once describing me and my temper like this:
She is like a machine gun and her words are her bullets.
She sprays them all around and when done drops the gun and wakes away.
Now I am like that when talking to T about how he has disappointed me.
Not in that I am spraying things wildly.
In that once I have made my statements I am done.
There are no more discussions.
He is showering now and I am getting ready to go start the car.
Winter temps have finally come home.
-25 C (-13 F)
Real Feel: -34 C (-29.2 F)
Tonight’s low before wind is going to be -36 C or -32.8 F.
I am hoping/thinking that with temps like these I may be busier as who wants to go out and shop if they can have it done for them.
All that they need to do is come and get it.
We will see.
Have a marvelous Monday all.
©Jan. 25/21
Picture is my own

And Winner of the Klutz Award of the Year Goes To…..

If y’all guessed me than you are right.
If you guessed yourself pour a coffee sit on down and read about my latest ‘Adventure in Jay’s Life’ as a friend called it.
In the last 5 months I have had 4 work place injuries.
And apparently I must be even.
One week I hurt right hand.
Next week it was the left.
Last week I tripped over a rack hurting my left forearm
I arrived at work to disaster.
Well not really but in the middle of the night there had been a power failure.
I was aware as the ex messaged both T and myself at 3 a.m. to see if we had power.
When the power came back on there was a surge (?) or something which blew up/fried our motherboard (?) which connected us to the internet.
And ran our tills.
And the Debit machines.
I had three orders.
Thankfully they were able to be printed off.
Shopping my customers orders without customers in the store?
I got to go up and down the aisles the wrong way.
No worrying about running into anyone other than my co-workers.
No one looking at me funny if I left my cart in the middle of the aisle to run back and get something.
My first order was smaller.
The second in the $300 range.
The third in the $500 range.
Shopped them all so that when tills came back up I only had to ring them through.
The shopping takes me to 1ish.
Had a coffee from 11:20-11:35.
Began ringing through orders.
Call to make arrangements for pick up.
Customers begin coming to pick up their orders.
Take a phone order.
Last customer picks up her order and I quickly process the phone order.
By now it is almost 4.
I still have not had lunch so I decide given that I need to pick T up and have him come start the grocery shop I would take my half hour from 4-4:30.
Take my order in to the cooler.
There is a pallet on the floor and as I put the box down I tripped over it.
Falling hard on my butt/right hip/right arm.
The customer’s order including two 12 packs of pop lands on top of me.
I sat there yelling fuck fuck fuck.
Stormed out of the cooler and demanded well actually snarled that I needed the pallet moved.
Told our assistant manager what happened and as he is head of the Health & Safety Committee he is on the hunt for the person who left it there.
Went and got a form from our manager so I could fill the form out.
He chuckled and said something about my having a rough time of it.
I did not mention the last two injuries either.
Left and picked T up.
Came back.
Found out my shift changed today as I am now working curbside instead of cart cleaning.
Worked from 4:30-4:45.
Took my last coffee and shopped with T.
We came home and T helped me unload and unpack the groceries.
He made dinner.
He fed the cats.
He hung out with me all evening only going to his room when I went to mine.
And has assured me that he will clean the kitchen today before I get home.
I am thinking my disappointment in him on Wednesday may have sunk in.
Tonight the plan is to hang out and play a video game.
Bendy and The Ink Machine.
Last time we played on the computer I was screaming and he left the room.
I also would not play when home alone.
I am a bit sore today.
Okay a lot.
It hurts to move and I am hobbling.
I have rubbed the anti-inflammatory into my upper arm and shoulder.
Where I could reach on back.
So that is down to a dull thudding.
My butt hurts to sit on.
It is a good thing that I stand at work all day.
I think that there is a klutz gene that runs in our family.
Everyone has it.
My niece.
My cousins.
No one is safe.
Huh maybe I should invest in Bubble Wrap stock.
Have a Fabulous Friday all.
©Jan. 22/21
Pictures are my own