Happy Father’s Day

***I wrote this poem 2 years ago when I finally came to terms with what had happened to me. Be aware that this can be a trigger poem.***

All around the world
from east to west
children celebrate their fathers
while I wish you dead.
you already are….
dead that is
although you haunt my nights
you haunt my memories
terrorizing me still.
Creeping and scurrying
hoping that none see
you stole my childhood
when all trusted you
to keep me sheltered.
I seriously cannot account
for the hatred that I feel
I would rather stab you in the heart
than acknowledge you as my procreator.
Did you think that I would fear
the gates of hell?
Did you think that I would not dance with the devil
if only to watch you burn?
It turns out
that I am capable of murder
for all the troubles you did cause
I have been promised
that when I arrive in Hell
I will be your tormentor
as you have been mine.
©June 17/18
Picture via Pinterest

Mother Goddess

filling all aspects
never ending
stand upon the precipice
looking down
buffeted with wind currents
let go.
heart breaking
world being……
lands sere
rivers rise
death no longer creeps
full onslaught
hidden in plain sight.
We are lost.
Time has come
reduced to these seconds
choices must be made
or complacent in silence
my heart hurts
like an ostrich
it is easier to bury my head
ignore the truths that are coming
even as the portends
dance before my face.
I have fallen.
I have betrayed.
I have heard her screams
as Mother Earth
tears asunder
lashing with wind
pouring rain
her message to me
not the same
as her message for you.
Hear her
heed her
or time shall come
all will be lost.
©June 5/20
Picture found on Pinterest