No Rushing

Why is it when we wake up late, panic, shower or not, at least brush teeth, jump in car, no coffee arrive to work 20 minutes late leaving a swath of destruction behind us, do we rush?

Yes we have schedules and appointments so people cannot just throw everything to the wind willy nilly. But, people sleep in. Alarms do not ring. It happens.

I am lucky. The last time I was late for work I started at 9:30 on a Saturday. Woke up at 9:30. Was at work at 9:45. I threw clothes on brushed teeth and drove my 5 minutes to work. Cost me my first coffee break and no harm no foul.

But what about those who are driving through traffic, weaving in and out of lanes, riding up the bumper of the person in front of them, what are they gaining? Not more time. Frazzled nerves. Yes. Anger. Oh my yes. I know because I have been one of those people.

It finally dawned on me that it was not worth it. Racing around like a chicken with my head cut off. So it takes me 7 or even 8 minutes to get to work instead of 5. Oh no the world is going to implode! Not!!!!

Do not rush when you are late. There are still the same number of minutes to your day as there were had you woken on time.

Make that call to say gonna be late.

Hustle getting ready.

But in the car, drive with prudence and care, not speed and anger, for on that path death and destruction may lay awaiting.

Lol well that last part came out rather fancy speak. Not sure who I was channeling in that moment. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I would rather make up my time with a lost break or staying the equivalent time after to make up for being late. What I would really rather not do is die or kill someone because I was rushing to get myself to work.

Nov. 17/22

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