No Rushing

Why is it when we wake up late, panic, shower or not, at least brush teeth, jump in car, no coffee arrive to work 20 minutes late leaving a swath of destruction behind us, do we rush?

Yes we have schedules and appointments so people cannot just throw everything to the wind willy nilly. But, people sleep in. Alarms do not ring. It happens.

I am lucky. The last time I was late for work I started at 9:30 on a Saturday. Woke up at 9:30. Was at work at 9:45. I threw clothes on brushed teeth and drove my 5 minutes to work. Cost me my first coffee break and no harm no foul.

But what about those who are driving through traffic, weaving in and out of lanes, riding up the bumper of the person in front of them, what are they gaining? Not more time. Frazzled nerves. Yes. Anger. Oh my yes. I know because I have been one of those people.

It finally dawned on me that it was not worth it. Racing around like a chicken with my head cut off. So it takes me 7 or even 8 minutes to get to work instead of 5. Oh no the world is going to implode! Not!!!!

Do not rush when you are late. There are still the same number of minutes to your day as there were had you woken on time.

Make that call to say gonna be late.

Hustle getting ready.

But in the car, drive with prudence and care, not speed and anger, for on that path death and destruction may lay awaiting.

Lol well that last part came out rather fancy speak. Not sure who I was channeling in that moment. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I would rather make up my time with a lost break or staying the equivalent time after to make up for being late. What I would really rather not do is die or kill someone because I was rushing to get myself to work.

Nov. 17/22

Are You?

Not rampaging more a little stunned really than anything else.
And I should not be given today’s day and age and yet there are levels that people will go to to prove a point.
Point in case: Florida
I have two friends who live in Florida with their families.
Both have children the same age as T.
In one case one the children is in the process of recovering from Covid.
Thankfully it is a mild case and not requiring serious intervention.
I worry about them.
I worry about my friends.
Florida has been very vocal in their denial of how dangerous Covid is and how masks are proven to help slow the transmission.
Not all of Florida but they have a Gov. who wants to be a Trump.
Yesterday morning comes the headline that over 2000 students and staff needing to isolate or quarantine.
I believe it was actually in and around 2600 given that it is the school district that one of my friends has children in.
Second headline this morning deals with the Gov. deciding that because two school districts, in an aim to curb the transmission of Covid, mandated a mask requirement; he is going to withhold salaries/funding to the schools.
Because they are taking the choice from the parents.
I would rather be safe then sorry but who am I?
Not a Florida parent where over 27000 signed papers so their children did not have to wear masks to school.
In two school districts you are close to 10,000 individuals who are in isolation/quarantine.
That is just the kids and teachers.
Add in the parents.
Children of the teachers.
Their family members that have possible been exposed.
But by god let’s allow infections to climb and withhold salaries because someone is trying to protect children from a variant that is fast infecting our younger populations.
And then there is here.
Two weeks ago the mandate on masks being worn in indoor places was lifted.
Some people have thrown their masks out with the dishwater.
Others have made the choice to continue to wear them.
So far I have been accosted four times regarding masks in the workplace.
Customer #1: You do not have to wear masks indoors any longer. Why are you wearing yours?
Me: Because I am still expected to wear for work. After that it is my choice whether or not I choose to wear it to protect myself and others.
Customer #2: This is so unfair forcing you to wear masks indoors. None of the other stores are making their employees wear masks.
Me: It is a personal choice whether or not we want to continue to wear masks.
Customer: You cannot be forced to wear it.
Me: It is a personal choice to keep myself and others safe.
Customer #3: Oh I thought I was going to see your smiling face now that masks have been eliminated.
Me: We can make that choice as of Aug. 23.
Customer: I cannot wait to see your smile.
Me (in my head) : Look at my eyes when we talk and you would be able to tell I am smiling all the time.
Customer#4: I cannot believe that you still have to wear a mask.
Me: As of Aug. 23rd the choice will be ours.
Customer: I cannot wait to see your smiling face.
Me: I plan to continue to wear mine given how much contact I have with people.
Customer: If it is not a N95 it is pointless to wear it.
Me: Are you circumcised? (Not really but oh boy…..)
My decision to continue to wear a mask is a personal choice.
I got hit hard last week with a stomach bug that knocked me out for two full days.
The third day out was because I needed to wait 24 hours for my headache to clear.
Three days I was out of work.
We sanitize.
We wash our hands.
And yet I still got sick.
So no I am not giving up my mask as of yet.
Yes it is my choice.
Just like it is their choice not to wear one.
I can only hope that we do not see numbers like Florida begin to rise here.
©Aug. 18/21
Picture is my own
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