Beginning to Wonder

Sunday night I was laying in bed half asleep when I heard what sounded like the key scratching at the door. A little like it was scrabbling on my door.

At first I thought that it was T but I had messaged him to make sure that he had his keys. Alarmed I jumped out of bed and grabbed my bathrobe. Lucky was sitting in my bedroom window. Thomas was laying at the end of my bed.

I did not have to turn the light on this not scaring anyone away. I crept up rhe stairs Loki by my side. When I got to the door I cautiously peeped out. Not certain what I was going to find.

And there was nothing. I shifted a bit to the left. Then the right but nothing. It asxI stood there it sounded as though someone was walking away on the snow.

That squeaking noise that cold cold snow makes. My heart stuttered a bit because I could see no one. Loki and me came down and I went to look out the window. Nothing. No people. No cars at my end that someone could have been going to or from.

I crawled back into bed but my heart was still beating a bit faster than normal. I waited up for T. Not sure if someone had been at my door or the ghosts were trying to reach out to me. I think I would prefer a ghost over a person lol

Dec. 7/22

Little Sneaker

Of late Loki has been awakening me at 12-1 a.m. for food.
You would think that I would be able to ignore the little bugger but he has a very loud cry.
Add to that Lucky taught him all about scratching under the bed.
Last night was no different.
The threat of death did not quieten him.
I stumbled into the kitchen and squinted in the fridge looking for the cat food.
After feeding him my bladder makes itself known so I decide bathroom and back to bed.
I thought that I heard something but no all was quiet.
I was stood at the door hand on the light switch when I looked up.
And saw T coming out of his room.
I screamed.
T (comes up to me and puts his arm around me): Mom I even told you I was awake.
Me: I did not hear you. And if you were still awake why the hell did you let Loki cry until I got up and fed him?
T: I’m getting a melatonin and something to eat.
He laughed.
I laughed.
I crawled into bed and fell asleep in no time.
T who knows what time he went to sleep at.
This morning I had to wake him up and send him out the door to meet his dad across the street.
Because construction.
©July 14/21
Picture is my own
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