Pretty Baby

Hush pretty baby
don't you dare cry
your new mama
she will poke out your eye.
One day
warm comfort stolen away
cold cell
bare mattress
chained to the floor
crying tears
screaming for mommy;
the shock 
glassy eyed
paraded before
auctioned off
to the highest bidder.
Fear builds
can never walk the walk
talk the talk.
Sass earns you a backhand
a needle in the arm
barely conscious
but no one cares
you are meat
a commodity
thrown to the wayside
when your uses are over.
Hush pretty baby
don't you cry
your new mama
she will let you die.

©March 6/23

What The Actual F*CK?

I realize I am not American. I am not a Texan. But I am a person. And I am so disturbed by this. It is unfathomable. UNFATHOMABLE. Where does it end? When white men have re-written all of history? Will our future be worship of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin etc. ?

I hope like hell there is an uprising in Texas. That the  government there is  voted out so they can do no more damage. I was watching a news clip today about actions taken during the Uvalde shooting. Answers are wanted as to why officers never rushed that room once in that hour long standoff. They prioritized their own lives over the lives of those 19 children. They were scared of that 18 year old and the gun he possessed.

The government in Texas right now are being forced to answer questions that they were hoping to avoid. All levels of government, all agencies involved are beginning to turn on one another. This is another black mark for Texas.

I visited Texas as a teenager with my mom and brother. And loved it. We were there to visit a close nursing friend of my mom’s.  It was during the Iran-Contra hearings so they watched those most of the time. But the heat. The history. I loved all of that.

It is not Texas itself that I take issue with. It is the men and women who are driving it into the ground. I really hope that parents get angry. I really hope that people get out there and stop this travesty. I have faith that there are better people out there who will stand up and say no more.

I hope.

July 2/22

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