On Their Own?

I have been awake since 3:30.

Not by choice but because I woke up for the bathroom and my body decided that now was the time to be awake.

Now when I got up to go to the bathroom I unerring walked straight to bathroom. Nothing in the way i.e. a cat to trip over. Turned the bathroom light on and stopped short.

No there was not a cat on the toilet. And no there were no other entities floating around that I am aware of. But I was half asleep and they could have been dancing on the ceiling for all I knew.

No, what made me stop was my slippers. Set right in front of the toilet. Like I had stepped out of them right there and left them. I was pretty confused because I was sure when I went to bed they were on the floor next to said bed.

The need to pee pushed me passed the weirdness. Put my feet into my slippers and went about my business lol lol and crawled back onto bed. But wide awake I was.

Laid in bed for about half hour reading headlines thinking about my day. Wondering what it will bring. Realizing with a bit of panic that it is getting closer and closer to K’s last day before mat leave.

Also realized that I have 2 weeks until holidays begin. May 18th. Technically 11 working days. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee holidays!

Sleep Anyone?

Slept yesterday afternoon. Slept all night. Did not get up until 7:30 for work.

Went to work and home by 10.

Fell asleep around 12ish or so and just woke up.

Twice I woke up while sleeping to switch ends of the couch.

I am feeling better. Can still feel in my chest but no where near as ick as I felt before.

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