I Get More Sun!

They are cutting down trees which means I am going to be getting more sun.

Because there was no way to tell.

Yep he is way up there.

Look it’s closer to coming down.

Baby log from tree.

With a crash it came down. T and I were caught staring out the window.

Sept. 15/21

Lost in Time

**The picture is mine stylized by Google Pictures**
I sidle through the silent halls of my memories
head down
teeth bared
afraid of what I might find.
Memories that have been closeted from me
the good
the bad
and everything in between.
As time has passed within this dream
I awaken
and find
that the bad have slowly disappeared.
I can see sunshine and light
I can remember things I long forgot
I cry as the good times spill over me.
For too long
darkness has held court over my memories.
©Jay-lyn Doerksen
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