Where’s My Peeps?

This morning a decision has been reached.
I must for the sake of my sanity stop reading the news.
Not forever but for the next little bit.
Now and until I go back to work from holidays on May 30th.
There are two main things that set me off this morning.
  1. There is a ‘race’ going on for the leadership of the Conservative party here in Canada. I have not been paying much attention given the fact that I am not a Conservative and their policies do not come anywhere near where I am in beliefs and needs.
  2. Elon Musk and his drive for freedom of speech. It appears that he would have allowed the live stream of the mass shooting in Buffalo to continue.
Maybe I misread the article but I am not about to go back to see if I am wrong.
Even if I am does it matter?
There are words spoken by those who have a broader platform and range than I do who utter absolute mistruths and nonsense daily.
Sometimes hourly.
It has become the ‘in’ thing to take a reality and tell people that it does not exist.
That what was seen was totally wrong.
Misportrayed by the media.
In other words, gaslighting.
One of the asses who is running for leadership in Canada indicated that the protest in Ottawa that disrupted the lives and businesses of thousands was peaceful.
That had Prime Minister just acquiesced to their demands it would have all been over and done with.
So in other words pander to the few who are frothing at the bit to release their ignorance and evil upon the world at large while ignoring the majority whose voices are quieter because they are actually aware of the consequences to their actions and how it affects others not just themselves but those around them as well.
The mass shooting this weekend in Buffalo NY in a predominately Black neighborhood was racially motivated.
The White Replacement Theory here at work.
I myself have never heard of anything so stupid and I mean seriously but those who have a need to be told what to think and do seem to be falling for it in droves.
White replacement theory is that the white population is being driven down by low birth rates and immigration tactics.
And the Jews have been behind the creation of this insidious plan.
OMG not to be ignorant but the vast majority of Jews that you see are WHITE!
Does anyone else see the issue here or is it just me?
The live stream of this shooting was on Twitch an Amazon gaming platform.
They removed it within minutes of it starting.
Where were the seconds?
Where were the content police at that moment?
Do not tell me that there are no content police because over at Facebook I got a warning about inciting violence by indicating in a response on a friend’s post that some people deserved a swift kick in the ass.
That is right I incited violence.
But Facebook allowed a live stream of mass shootings in the US before taking it down after over 5-10 minutes of it being streamed.
So it is ok to allow actual violence to be shown but god forbid you make a statement about kicking someone and get shutdown in a moment.
Believe me it was almost instantaneous with me.
I cried this morning over all of this.
My heart hurts for mothers and fathers who have lost their children.
For children who have lost their parents.
For women who are forced underground because some white man has decided that he knows what is best for her body.
For Trans individuals as they go through their journey supported only by their parents and peers.
Their rights being systematically striped from them because some white man is terrified of change and what that entails.
For all the marginalized communities who are still being regulated by white men who believe they know what is best.
And it is worth mentioning that the vast majority of those making these decisions and policies are white men.
None of whom have given birth.
None of whom have to worry about rape.
None of whom have to worry that they maybe beaten or murdered because they are living their truth.
None of whom have to worry about…..
Where does it end?
When all rights and liberties are striped away?
When we as women are shackled and chained?
When Blacks, Hispanics, anyone who is different has been reduced to less than?
Where are the voices raised in protest with mine?
It is time that we become louder than those who scream and froth because of their rabidity and fear.
It is time for our voices to be heard.
©May 17/22

On My Soap Box

I am adding a category to my blog call Soap Box.
Where I am able to vent and discuss the things that bother me.
Things that while they do not affect me directly, do raise the dander and I begin to get a little ranty.
And I bet you are wondering what has gotten under my skin?
Or not but guess what I am going to tell you anyways.
I am white.
As white as they come.
I joke that during the winter I look like an Albino Vampire.
People continuously point out that all vampires are really white given they are dead.
Then I point to myself and they laugh.
While I do not have eye teeth that can shred your neck nor do I have any desire to drink blood I go beyond pale.
Pale at least you may have a wee bit of color.
I wrote about the ‘Freedom’ convoy that descended upon Ottawa but what I had not realized was that a blockade by truckers had been erected at the Coutts border in Alberta in solidarity with the convoy.
Saturday these truckers began to arrive and block the highway.
This compromised millions of dollars in trade goods.
Travellers were unable to return home.
Cross border truckers were unable to continue to do their job.
It has impeded access to basic goods and medical services for area residents.
Oh and on Wednesday truckers magnanimously opened two lanes, one in either direction because that is going to ease all the difficulties at the border. (And in case my sarcasm is not evident this statement drips with it.)
However get this another blockade popped up approximately 20 km north of Coutts blocking traffic.
This is the same group that is calling to blockade the TransCanada highway.
Now let’s meander back to 2020.
A tiny bill called The Critical Infrastructure Defence Act was p?assed in Alberta.
At this time Indigenous groups across the country were holding protests in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs who were protesting the construction on a natural gas pipeline that would destroy their lands.
This includes Indigenous groups in Alberta.
The Critical Infrastructure Defence Act prohibits any person or company from blocking, obstructing, construction or maintenance, damaging or entering a place deemed essential infrastructure without lawful right.
Essential Infrastructure structure is an extensive list including highways, pipelines,railway, oil and gas sites, electrical and power plants, telecommunications equipment, radio towers, farms, dams and electrical lines on either public or private land.
To name a few.
Now let’s recap the truckers in Coutts:
Blockaded a land crossing used extensively by cross border truckers and other travellers.
Incited violence against the RCMP on Tuesday when they attempted to break it up.
Now had an Indigenous community resorted to violence it would not be a stand back and let it happen.
The RCMP would be deployed to arrest any and all protesters.
Charges laid and prosecuted.
So why are they not being deployed against the truckers?
Also within this legislation those violating the law can be fined up to $25,000 or face up to six months in jail.
Corporations in violation can be fined up to $200,000.
And every day that the site is blocked or damaged is considered a new offence.
Well now…..
In a statement from the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations they state very clearly that had these protests consisted of Indigenous people, arrests and charges would have been laid.
RCMP would be out there using any means possible to break up the peaceful protest that the Indigenous people had organized.
Instead we are on day six of an unlawful blockade of essential infrastructure in a province that passed just such a bill as to punish Indigenous groups from peacefully protesting and bringing to light the real inequities they face.
Lack of drinkable water.
Housing that is archaic.
Land that cannot be used or maintained as it is some of the poorest quality land parcelled out.
A constant stream of racist thinking that needs to be counteracted.
Children stolen from them and murdered.
By white churchmen and white nuns.
And the truckers?
Their list of grievances?
Having to be double vaccinated to cross the border without having to isolate/quarantine for 10 days.
Having to wear a mask when entering a public space.
Essentially all the Covid measures that the rest of the country has followed and continues to follow to ensure the safety and health of their fellow citizens.
It is also important to note that there have been a lot of protests since this bill was enacted.
Protests that have restricted access to hospitals.
Protests that have attacked Front Line Care Workers.
Protests lead by loud white men who have been given a bullhorn and an overinflated sense of importance.
Could someone please find a large pin and pop the delusional balloons please and thank you?
So what is the difference between these protests and the ones that occurred creating this bill?
The color of one’s skin.
You know it.
I know it.
Time for the Gov’t of Alberta to put its money where its mouth is.
If you are not going to employ this law equally you cannot apply it at all.
The time of the almighty white man rolling forcefully over any and all that do not agree with his agenda is at an end.
Time for the repercussions of juvenile behaviour to be dealt with appropriately.
Time for an end to the temper tantrum and put them in a time out.
Time for the fines and jail time to start being added up.
©Feb. 4/22
The link below is the article that I read and took my information from.
Picture via Pinterest
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