Week at a Glance

I must apologize the well has run dry.
What I have here is just a general recap of my week.
And the zany and bizarre that have crossed/entered my orbit.
This is my week with T.
Who is not very happy that mom suddenly is expecting more from him.
More chores done.
More stepping up and if supper is not started (and I don’t expect him to go that far…..yet) at least take the meat out of the freezer.
T: Mom do we really need to have meat? I could just make a pack of rice.
I am loving loving loving what I am now doing at work.
I have sore legs.
Sore thighs.
Sore arms.
Am tired when I get home from work.
In a really good way.
In the last two days (Wed & Thur) I walked 19 km.
19 km.
I have also been asked more than once if I am still enjoying what I am doing.
Me: If we lived in a city where personal shoppers were a thing. That is absolutely what I would be doing. I love the idea of shopping for others.
Embarrassed T this week.
It was just the two of us.
I understand that there are those who are going to raise an eyebrow…..I was laughing so hard I was crying.
Discussion on puberty (not even sure how it started)
Me: So do you have armpit hair yet?
T (scandalized): No and I would not tell you.
Me: What about your dad?
T: Only if he is dead drunk. Otherwise he will tell Papa and grandma and they will tease me.
Me: What about your first pubic hair? Are you going to tell him then?
T: Mom no. I am not telling either of you. You would do something I know it.
Me: Oh so no throwing a party when you get one? A cake in the shape with a single candle? You would not like that? I swear it would just be us I would not tell anyone. 
Other than everyone on my blog who is reading this.
T: Well if we are doing that than of course I want J here.
I understand the hilarity does not come through it was probably one of those had to be there situations but it was priceless.
T (a little after above conversation): Does this mean I am not getting any cake mom? ‘Cause now I would really like cake.
And not to brag or nothing but 146 days sober.
And believe it or not I am not missing it.
Do not miss the fuzzy hungover feeling.
Do not miss the taking three days to recover.
Do not miss the lack of money which I faced due to drinking.
It has been a change.
And I can hardly believe that it has been nearly 5 months.
I did grab a 6 of Pepsi yesterday.
I had cut out drinking pop awhile back.
I needed something though.
A little more than water.
Came home.
Arm load of groceries.
Ex waiting for car.
Could not (the ex) figure out why I parked in the parking lot instead of pulling up in front of my door.
I could not comprehend what he was talking about.
The connection was not made lol
I admit my brain was foggy.
Nagged at T about chores not being done.
Put ice in a tall glass.
Poured the Pepsi over listening to the ice pop and the crinkle of the glass filling up.
Sat down.
Took a long sip.
Without alcohol.
Bedtime the last couple of nights has been at a really early time.
Wednesday night I made it to just after 9.
Thursday night I barely made 8:30.
Was falling asleep on the couch so I went to bed.
T to be in bed lights out at 10.
I woke up to go to bathroom and T’s lights are still on.
T.V. going.
Poke my head into his room.
Me: That’s it T t.v. off and lights out. I am not impressed.
(I was right groggy in defense)
T: Why?
Me: Because it is bedtime!
T: Mom it is not even 10 yet.
Leaned in and peered at the clock on the stove (no glasses on) and it was only 9:48.
There is a demented girl/woman strolling my brain.
She has appeared briefly in my last few poems.
Subtle really.
But she is there.
I am not quite sure where we are going.
She has something to tell me but right now she is getting settled.
Taking over a part of my mind.
So whether a poem or a tale to be told am not sure.
That’s all folks for now.
I really am hoping that Demented is going to start talking soon as she is crowding out everything else.
Have a fabulous Friday folks.
And a wonderful weekend.
©Dec. 11/20
Picture is my own

Menopause or Pandemic? or Your Guess is as Good as Mine…..

I don’t even know where to begin.
I have been so out of sorts it is unbelievable.
On a roller coaster of emotions.
Swearing a lot.
In my head.
In my texts.
More tears.
And forgetting things. (Almost forgot to write about this)
Which could be attributed to the pandemic.
Also in menopause so I mean there is that too.
The receptionist burst out laughing when I cheered.
Told her it was the best news I had received.
Was I thrilled.
Damn rights.
What I am not so thrilled with is being warm/hot all the time.
You might think that that is a weird complaint from someone who is always cold.
Because my cold thermostat is at war with the warm/hot thermostat and I am the dial they wrestle over.
I start off cool.
Than begin to warm.
Warm-Hot-Inferno-Ice Cold Water thrown on me
Now add on a mask 8 hours a day.
I swear if I awake in hell I will be well prepared for that type of heat.
I hope it is dry though cause I hate feeling all sweaty.
Which leads to the next thing.
No happy medium in sleeping.
Either I am freezing.
Or I am dying of heat.
I have comforter pulled up to my chin.
Fan going at my feet.
Well I also use my magic bag as a heating stone.
Like I was in the 18th C or something.
Not a hot water bottle but a magic bag.
And my mattress cover is topped with Sherpa fabric?
It is fluffy and so so so soft.
Yes I have slept on it without a sheet.
So fluffy!!!!!!
Hormones or Sherpa?
Who knows.
Whoa this one is coming out of left field.
Mostly it is coming out in the form of road rage.
Which is ridiculous because seriously where am I going in a hurry?
Well to work but still I am always touting the slower life we are experiencing I should know to leave earlier.
There is though something that I am trying to discern.
Maybe someone here will be able to explain it to me.
A portion of my drive is a stretch of highway where the speed limit is 70 km/hr or 43.46 mph.
Yet somehow it has become a continuation of the 50 km/hr or 31 mph.
That is where my road rage really takes over.
I mean come on!
There are two lanes if you would like to go 50 please move to the right so those of us who would like to do the speed limit can.
Ranks right up there with the incorrect turning at a four way stop.
When two vehicles are turning the same way onto a two lane road can go at same time.
Each one enters lane closest to them.
And then signal to change lanes.
Nope where I am they pull right over into the far lane like this is the right thing to do!
I have half a mind to follow the letter of the road to a T but it is not worth the hassle.
Hormones or stupid driving?
Who know?
Forgetting things.
Well not so much things but in the middle of a conversation I go blank.
As in I suddenly have no idea at all what we were talking about it.
I have had to ask people what we were discussing so I can remember where I am going.
That though is not abnormal.
Others have been doing it as well.
My best so far has been attempting to get out of the car while still in drive with the car running.
Covid Fog I believe it is called.
I always cry.
Have my entire life.
It is very cleansing.
Well it use to be.
Before I began to drink to hide from them.
Before I began to use pills to hide from them.
Well I kicked the pills Dec. 23/17 (3 year anniversary fast arriving)
And it has been 130 days today that I have quit drinking.
I am feeling all the feels.
Longing for physical touch.
Time needing to be filled.
I could go on and on and on.
With T as much as I post the fun stuff we have our struggles.
Attitude is beginning to come out of the wazoo.
He is big.
He is brutish.
He takes up so much space.
I adore him…..
why as parents when we are complaining about our child(ren) do we have to insert a qualifying statement…..
you know I adore him so why must I tell you?
He is only going to get bigger.
He has been spending time in his shack at his dad’s blaring music.
Every time I talk to him ‘huh?’
I feel like I am constantly nagging at him…..
clean the litter box…..
wash/dry dishes and put them away…..
clean up room…..
take garbage out…..
nothing that is going to cause him a great deal of grief were he to do it when asked.
Yet he does not want to.
Pushes the limits until I get annoyed and do it myself.
I know I could leave it but I am not leaving the litter boxes.
I cannot leave my counters piled high with dishes.
Trying to get him up.
Oh my god it is like trying to pull teeth.
I swear I have seen a sloth move faster than this kid does.
I know I have said that in previous posts but he would try the patience of even a sloth mom…..
I apologized to him yesterday for nagging at him.
He says he did not think I was nagging only I thought I was nagging.
What the heck does he think I was doing?
When I was repeating every 10 minutes: T come and clean up the kitchen.
                                                                 T have you done the litter boxes yet?
And so on and so forth.
As you can see the list for both is the same.
A 50/50 shot as to which one is responsible for what emotion.
Who knows?
I am rolling with the punches.
I did just take two days as mental health days.
It helped.
I feel more centered.
Oooooops that was were I was going when I mentioned being sober.
I was asked if I was feeling more is because I would usually turn to alcohol to buffer me.
At first I pooh pah’d the suggestion.
Yet the more I thought about it the more I realized it could be playing a part.
I am rawer now.
No longer pushing those feelings down.
I can only go for so long before even I crack.
As I told a co-worker who passed me as tears leaked down my cheek: Sometimes I am not always as strong as the rest of the time.
She did not know what to say.
People at work are not use to me being like this.
And not to beat a dead horse with a stick but happiness is so new still.
How do you quantify it?
Let’s be generous and say that my slide into depression began around age 14.
Throughout the years I have been ok/believing that this was what happiness was like.
I was 45 when I went Ka-boom.
31 years before I knew what real happiness was.
What peace in life was.
When I get like this…..
I fear…..
it is a terror I carry that I am sliding back into that black hole of depression.
I am doing something though about it.
I am talking to my friends.
I am being honest about everything.
No more splitting hairs.
No more hiding behind my ability to play words so I am not really accountable.
And I am crying.
A lot.
Which is ok.
My boss-who use to be my 2nd when I was Front Lead-is amazing.
She knows how to lead me through these blips like a champ as she knows exactly what I am going through.
And she always reminds me that having a few bad days are okay it is what makes those good days even sweeter.
I do remember it eventually and life returns to normal.
Now though?
Who knows?
It could be Covid Pandemic.
It could be Menopause.
But all of it is me.
©Nov. 25/20
Picture is my own
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