20 Questions

Do you think I am pretty?

Peering close

Nose almost to mirror




Where none there are.

Do you think I am beautiful?


Seeing imperfections

A pinch of skin

Equals an ounce of fat


Fingers down throat

Counting the ribs

Macabre delight.

Am I skinny enough?

Do you love me know?



Bones taken

Lips injected

Breasts lifted

Look into the mirror

Who do you see?

Who is this stranger looking back?

Do you love me now?

Do you want me now?

I have changed everything

Why is it not enough?

©June 6/22

Picture via Pinterest


**I submitted two poems to The New Yorker. This is one of the two. I obviously was rejected but I can say with pride I was rejected by The New Yorker.***
There is an evil rot within
leaching from the heart
any illusion
that there remains some good.
Time and time again
it has been proven
that society has become doomed
trading away
basic humanity.
Twisting and subverting
with each falsehood told
with zeal
religious fevor
becoming the very demon
decried as the enemy.
We have failed.
We have lost our way.
One by one
we have been corrupted
by lies
by slight of hand
and the tears that are wept
fall between the cracks
in this desert land.
©Feb. 23/18
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash
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