They are bloody big!

Kept asking T if he was hungry. He kept saying no. Finally in exasperation I say to him how can you not be hungry you have only had a cinnamon bun today.

Mom you gave me two of them! I am stuffed full.

My eyebrow rose and I began to giggle.

I only gave you one.

There were two there mom.

Because I cut it in half to grill it!

I sat here laughing while being informed that they were bloody massive buns. Two were smaller and two larger. Of course I am giving him a bigger one.

It’s Been Awhile

T wandered out and peered into the fridge. Then opened the freezer. Looked at me and asked what we were having for dinner.

He spent 3 hours yesterday doing homework. And has more yet to do. He might not be happy with me but hey I am not the one who should be doing the work.

At one point I began to say something to him and he interrupted me to say he already knew what I was going to say to him. So I said ok what am I going to say?

He responded with how he brought this on himself. And while it proves he listens to me (or I use the phrase way too often) it was not in fact what I was going to say. I wanted to remind him that homework and completing any and all school work is a responsibility. If he cannot do this then he is not responsible enough to have a job. And he really wants a job.

First idea for supper was salmon when I realized we had not had spaghetti in a very long time. So spaghetti it was. With cheese buns. And homemade garlic margarine.

T helped with the buns. Got the plates ready. Supper was a roaring success. T even helped with the clean up. But I am still not helping with his homework. 🤪🤪

Jan. 4/23

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