Emmie Untitled Poem #7

straight ahead
face impassive
no smile
no frown
to indicate
emotion felt
even aware
life is at stake.
What had happened in there?
What had occurred? 
Why had it been allowed
to continue
Where were those 
should have protected
she is lost within
no more a child.
A child?
A child does not maim.
A child does not destroy
flaying a man alive
slicing another to an inch of flesh
stabbing another in the eye.
She does 
when that is all she has known
when found
she cuddled
in filth strewn waste
tears flowing
over cheeks
sunken in hunger
perceived not 
help had arrived
mute she sat
much as she does now.
Head down
eyes upon the table
hair falling
no one can see
gentle smirk
dancing on lips
teddy bear held close
her only protection
her only friend
left from
that time
the time she would forget
if only
allowed her they would.
©Jan. 16/21
Picture via Pinterest

Emmie’s Untitled Poem #6

Rain spattered
watch drops race
outside the pane
winter wind blowing
can feel the cold
it settles
over home
over body
over child
removing from here
how to withstand
the degredation
the pain
that is forced upon such a tiny body
blood coursing
eyes blank
not in death
far gone
settled with dragons to protect
kings to slay
queens who nurture
tiny princess loved
not neglected poverty
this one faces.
Blackness rushes in
delve into her mind
locked behind steel
teasing the truth
from convoluted truths
no one knew
no one  could protect
no one tried to save
she lost
no more pain
no more emotion
she protects
the small one
still deep within
eyes shuttered
ears stuffed with cotton
hearing no words of care
hearing only
never ending scream
of her own mind.
©Jan. 12/21
Picture via Pinterest