Gentle Vigilante

leave a trail for me
bitter too
all clues
to the destiny
the fates
the twisted desires
deep within my soul.
I dream
stilettos too
dangerous tools
brought in close
life bleed from their eyes.
Souls depart
a last breath
watch as they strive
to reach heaven’s heights
velvet red fire
ropes tied
dragging beneath
demons gape
maws await
evil is consumed
while with bright eyes
shining forth
I watch
sardonic grin
upon twisted lips
stone flipped
between fingers agile
as I await
the next death sentence.
©March 28/21
Picture via Pinterest

The Beginning

“Mama killed a man. After that first pandemic. The one they thought would only take a year of our lives. It took almost eveyone’s lives. So few of us left.”
The bed on a spinning dais held the blind man. His sightless eyes landing with unnatural accuracy on the faces that surrounded him. And there were many. Animals. Humanoids. Dreams and nightmares of childhood as the land died were able to crawl from hiding delighting in mankind’s downfall. So arrogant man was brandishing club/speak/bow/gun/chemical warfare that culminated in a land returning to nature while man tried to live within these new constricts.
“That Pandemic was the beginning. Within a year we were seeing mutations which at first were covered by the vaccines that big Pharma was suddenly able to produce in months and not years. But like all evil fighting for a threshold the virus began to change combatting vaccine after vaccine until finally…..”
His voice faded.
All around silence as the breeze rustled the leaves.
The steady beep of machines keeping him alive.
Nearly 200 years he had been on this earth.
There was no reason he could find other than he was left to tell the stories that no one wanted to hear.
©March 22/21
Picture found on Pinterest