Yes Honey

You gave me that.
You gave me that too.
Self-destruct button.
All of these I attribute to you.
Cooing soft words
sucked me in
serpent’s tongue
flicks so good
insidious abuse below the surface.
First it was how I looked.
What to show.
What not to.
Until I was afraid to leave the house.
Next you shore me of friends.
So subtle I did not realize how alone
until I needed someone to help.
Warned I had been
no good you would be
destruction of self
murder of worth
well honey you sure the fuck did.
I struggled
finally gained strength to leave
when upon bended knee
crocodile tears did flow
begging me to stay
that you loved me true
please baby don’t go
your eyes awash.
Barbs to my soul
I gave up my life for you…..
my life…..
When I gouge the barbs free
transformation can begin…..
oh hell no…..
rip barbs free
no longer allowed to cling
to continue to harm
self destruction will stop now!
You have been my jailor
imprisoned within memories of your making.
I am beautiful.
I am a warrior.
I believe this truth.
I know this to be true.
Bleed from a thousand spots
barbed no more
shred time beneath my heels
square my shoulders
looking forward…..
to happiness
to life
to love
to all I deserve.
©June 25/20
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***This poem was written for one of my soul sisters. Ya know those sisters who you meet and you just know you are family. She needs to be reminded that she is a kick ass Warrior Queen. Love you. ***

Maiden of Malice

little cock
shuffling feet
trying to get near
lynx lithe
I move ahead
come hither look over my shoulder.
Weaving a maze
delicate dance
melody heard
sung only from my lips
pulling you
directing you
lust painfully aware
disdain in my stare.
too easy
you never were the smartest
not that sharpest knife in the drawer
people do say.
hands grope
who will ever know.
Lead you down the garden gate
short comings
cummings short
(I am so witty)
slow down.
Fatty fatty two by four
could never fit through the kitchen door. 
watching face
sucking air
stiletto on chest
not so obnoxious now
poor poor little man
should have thought
should have considered
why did I not go
to the highest bidder?
©April 20/20
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