Maiden of Malice

little cock
shuffling feet
trying to get near
lynx lithe
I move ahead
come hither look over my shoulder.
Weaving a maze
delicate dance
melody heard
sung only from my lips
pulling you
directing you
lust painfully aware
disdain in my stare.
too easy
you never were the smartest
not that sharpest knife in the drawer
people do say.
hands grope
who will ever know.
Lead you down the garden gate
short comings
cummings short
(I am so witty)
slow down.
Fatty fatty two by four
could never fit through the kitchen door. 
watching face
sucking air
stiletto on chest
not so obnoxious now
poor poor little man
should have thought
should have considered
why did I not go
to the highest bidder?
©April 20/20
Picture via Pinterest

Conscious Forever More

I stand
hands on hips
staring at my nakedness
seeing the droop of my breast
the extra inch on my hips
how my thighs are now touching
lips pursed
for I still see them as flaws
I still seek external confirmation
of my inner self.
I am beautiful.
Whether bundled in winter clothes
or clad in bikini on the beach.
No one can take that from me.
I am strong.
I have beaten addiction.
I have beaten my self doubt.
I have beaten
destroyed that voice
my own voice
telling me I am worthless.
I am sexy.
For so long
so very very long
I felt that my sexuality
my desires
they were wrong.
I kept them hidden
in a secret part of me.
No longer.
I labored for so long
deluded by past
devalued by self
awaiting external acceptance
that I do not need
for I am me
and me am I.
Tongue twisted
words never more betrayed
truth has been found
depth of my soul
cage freed my heart
it is my time
it is my turn
to rise & shine.
©Nov. 25/19
Picture is one of my own
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