Let There Be Coffee

Nothing is better than brewed coffee.
It is the juice that makes Jay a very civilized person in the morning.
And afternoon.
Rumors of my cutting down have been greatly exaggerated.
January 23/21.
The Day Southern Manitoba has been waiting for.
An easement in the restrictions.
Stores could now open up (25% of normal occupancy or 250 people which ever is lower) and sell anything.
I had planned to be at Walmart for 8 a.m.
Ended up closer to 9.
Initially the whole purpose was to see if I could find a kettle and burner.
Found a kettle for a great price but no burner.
Found the exact same coffee maker I had but for the silver front cover so I took that as well.
Looked at bras.
Ha those need to be tried on for looking at those B cups and then at myself one of them looks way too big and it ain’t me.
Did find my Collagen pills.
Rather Wal-marts brand but it is all the same.
And then I saw them.
Well first I saw a Unicorn Llama.
While standing debating I saw them.
Originally was only going to buy one but had to take two.
The lady behind me in the line up commented on how children like soft stuffies.
Me: I am not going to lie they are both for me.
She did not know how to respond.
They have been named Hocus and Pocus.
Absolutely fits.
Second time that I have used the self-checkouts and while still a little scared of them I am getting better.
Off to Sobeys for a three items.
Whipping Cream.
Added on:
Lotto tickets.
Popped into Pet Valu.
I was going in to get Loki a little ball to play with.
I left with:
a pack of 3 cat nip balls.
A bed to put on the counter for Thomas to lie on.
A tent bed for either Loki or Lucky to sleep in.
Neither have indicated a like for it but that will change.
When I arrived home I woke T and made him come hang out with me.
He laid on the couch watching me unpack and set things up.
Informed me that it looked as though I had spent a lot of money.
He is great at saving his own money.
Because everything is connected to my bank account and when he makes purchases on his Xbox I pay for it.
Great thing is I can go into his account and email the amount back to myself.
Maybe that is something I will teach him how to do today.
I swept and vacuumed yesterday.
Which has exacerbated the shoulder.
Which had been exacerbated already with the fall.
So this morning I am chilling on the couch and enjoying my coffee.
Emmie/Emmellia is poking out her head a little more aggressively.
She wants me to tell her story in poems and long form.
Seeing as how I have not written a long story since I was 17 (so 31 years) I do not know where to start.
Also for myself this is a hard write.
There are going to be scenes that I cringe at writing.
Scenes that are going to be cringy to read/to edit.
Scenes that no one wants to think about.
Her story is not a pretty one.
Her story is not a perfect one.
Her story is one that she is adamant must be told.
Eventually I will figure it out but between subject matter and writing again in story length but Emmie is not a patient one.
Well she is.
Emmellia is not.
Have a wonderful Sunday all.
Noon today I am off for a massage.
Back home to couch to relax and nap after.
Decided that I am going to give T an easy day.
No chores.
Other than the litter boxes.
And feeding the cats.
But other than that he has a free day.
©Jan. 24/21
Pictures/Video are my own


These are my stuffies. They have been gifted to me by Tember. Gus is the green alien. Apparently he squeaks I love you when squeezed the right way. I use him to throw at the cats when they are being annoying and scratching closet door because……..it is the middle of the night and why would mom want to sleep?

The moose is name Sam. I purchased him for Tember and he was regifted to me. All good. He is great cuddler.

As for big bear I have yet to rename him but he is mine now. Tember used him to try and scare me. It worked. And I got another snuggle buddy.

Last week was my full week with Tember. As always our week was filled with a lot of silliness and laughter. I came home from work on Friday……he has been cleaning the closet and decided that he was going to try to scare me……so he moved big bear into my room and put a book in his lap. I come home all innocent like and walk into my bedroom to scream because well big bear on the bed reading a book……he was not there when I left for work.

Tember thought this was hilarious.

However revenge would be mine.

Mondays I am now working 2-10:30 so regardless of my week or his dad’s Tember goes to his dad’s place.

I get home just after 10 on Monday and Tember is laying in wait for me.

‘Mom……my plan to scare you backfired on me.’


‘Well when I came down the stairs to go into my room and I saw big bear I screamed and jumped.’

I laughed. Long and hard. Ha ha revenge is mine.

What I am not going to tell him….Big Bear (the name is growing on me) scares the hell out of me every day.

One might move him out of the way but nah……at least I know he will kick start my heart even as a heart attack happens.

May 6/20

Picture is my own (stating the obvious is a fault)





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