I so smart

Last week when I cleaned out the cupboards I looked at the coffee basket and debated on whether or not to throw it out. I though nah I had better keep it what if the coffee maker were to break. Back into cupboard it went.

Last night mom was muttering about her tea ball. I was not really paying attention. Turns out she brought her tea but not the tea ball. I was sitting here when suddenly I thought wait a second…..

I went and looked in the cupboard but did not see the basket. I was taken aback because I was so sure I had kept the said basket.

I stuck my head in and found it. Showed it to mom who said perfect. It sat nicely on the cup. And mom could have her tea.

©August 3/22

Reality Returns

Beautiful songs
merest whisper
tantalizing breath of air.
Spring’s breeze
caressing my body
tempting me
like your scent
like your hands
like all of you
even as we sit so far apart.
When did it change?
When did it become so hard?
Why does my heart cry out?
Why does yours not respond?
Tears dry
lips curve into a smile
as you move along
pressing to my side.
Fingers following wetness
tracing a path upon my cheek
questions in your eyes
as I peer up at you.
Is this a second chance?
A second coming?
Love finally coming home?
You hand me a cup
sweet smelling tea
wrapping your arms around.
With gentle kiss
safety once more found
wanting to sit like this forever
knowing that reality
will once more come around.
©April 23/19
Picture via Pinterest found by The Eclectic Contrarian
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