Put My Finger On It

Not only was I able to pinpoint what it was that was bothering me but had my feelings validated as well.
There is a co-worker that I do my best to get along with.
I do but she is an irritant.
She knows everything.
She has to know everything.
Say if I was talking to a co-worker who was upset and she saw, she would come running over when that person walked away demanding to know what is going on.
She is forever wanting to know what I am doing and how many orders I have.
She went and asked for a full time position and all I ever hear her do now is bitch about having to work 8 hours 5x a week.
Yep she is that person.
A Karen working in a grocery store who woulda thunk it? 🤷🤷🤷🤷
I was looking at my work schedule and next weekend is my Saturday to work late.
It came really fast.
I was trying to figure out my last late Saturday was and recalled that I did not work it as I had to cover a shift on Friday for a co-worker whose husband had gotten the shot and then felt ill.
When it suddenly dawned on me that Karen (makes life easier) had not done a Saturday late shift in a long while.
The woman who does the schedule plays favorites.
I see the schedule and I see it happen.
Which is why I talked to my supervisor about it.
Just asked if Karen did not have to work Saturday rotation too?
Let me tell you if she does not I was going to raise holy hell as to why I had to.
My supervisor called me into the office and told me she had looked into the Saturday situation.
It has been nearly 12 weeks since Karen worked her last late shift.
There is going to be  discussion happening because she has now had the last 5 weekends off.
In a row.
Then just to end my evening we had some teenage drama that did not even include T.
Save for the comment made re: drug testing because all T and his friend did was go to T’s dad’s and smoke weed.
This kid and his father are not known to me.
T knows the kid because they were in the same grade 4 class.
4 years ago.
Has not seen him since.
The father was threatening RCMP and this that and the next thing.
Long story short I told L that if this man shows up on her doorstep again to call me or shoot me a text.
We live three minutes apart by car.
If that.
I will go meet this dude.
I will let him have his say.
And then I will introduce him to terms such as slander and bullying behaviour.
And if he would like to call the RCMP by all means to please go ahead I will wait right here and we can get everything sorted out in a heartbeat.
People make me laugh.
T’s friends are deathly worried about me as an unknown.
T keeps telling them that it is guaranteed I know their parents.
If they shop where I work there is a very very good chance that not only do I know them but I chat with them often as well.
Which means that these parents are also unaware as to who I am.
I love being the undercover mother.🤣🤣🤣🤣
©July 7/21
Picture is my own

End of an Era

Friday was T’s last day of school.
He begged and pleaded with his father to be allowed to stay home today and tomorrow.
After checking with me his dad agreed to both days.
Originally it was only going to be Tuesday.
It has been a long and difficult school year so I figured he deserves a treat.
He has a few friends now instead of just the two.
One of whom he even had over last week.
Not that I got to meet him or anything as he was gone by the time I got home from work.
But still…..
Every day T takes his bike to school when he stays with me.
And every morning our routine is the same.
I harass him until we get out the door between 8:12-8:17.
He carries his bike up the stairs and I lock the door behind him.
T puts his kickstand down and comes around to hug me.
Me: Have a good day. I love you.
T: I will. I love you too mom.
Me (walking to car): Stay safe.
T (beginning to pedal away): I always do.
Me: I know but I’m your mom I will always tell you. Love you baby.
I work very hard to not live my life in the future and for the most part I do a very good job of it.
However when it comes to T I can’t help but think of the things he has coming and how I am going to react to it.
Take this passed week when I asked the ex what nights T would be here.
He misunderstood and thought I was suggesting that T should spend the night there alone.
I burst into tears when he said that we could try with T being alone there one night at least.
I immediately texted him back and said no that is not it at all.
Thursday is July 1st which is Canada Day here.
A holiday.
I was trying to figure out what nights the ex was home and T would be there.
Even as I write this I am crying.
Because my little boy is not so little any more.
I knew the day would come when he would be taller than me and yes he still does need me just not in the same way.
As a parent I know my job is to mold and shape him before loosing T on the world.
It is up to me to make sure that he is kind and compassionate, has empathy and strength to take a stand for what is important.
I never realized how hard each new step would be.
We are now heading into uncharted waters.
Me being menopausal and T becoming a teenager.
This should be interesting to say the least.
©June 28/21
Picture is my own