Picture Prompt #6

I found an old sweater of yours today
still with your musk
that subtle aroma that was all you. 
It felt as though I was back in your arms. 
I put on your favorite perfume today
delicate citrus
you would breath my scent in so deep
burning it into your senses.
I layered with cream.
I dressed myself in clothes you liked
I never felt as beautiful as when I saw your smile.
We would sit in that bar
listening to blues
talking about hidden dreams.
Close to close 
you would play those keys
while I sat 
mesmerized with the emotions
the desires
you could make dance in the air.
I loved to watch you play.
the bar has sunken to disrepair 
the piano 
a strong feature in our lives
strings rotted
teeth missing
gaping jaws. 
Silence reigns
dust gathers 
as I sit atop
ghostly melodies playing
in the motes of dust.
Phantom caresses on my calves
I can feel the pressure of your hands
laying back I stare at the stars
for the ceiling has fallen
night is reaching
I am falling 
up to heaven.
Good bye.
Good night.
We fell away
we did part
wait for me darling
I have already given you my heart.
April 9/19
Picture via Pintrest prompt from The Eclectic Contrarian
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