We All Fall Down

I am the Queen, the Empress, The Goddess, The Pirate Princess of Klutzes.

Yesterday it was a little warm in here so I moved my fan from my room into the hall between my room and T’s. I threw the laundry in the dryer and went into my room to strip the sheets from my bed.

I pulled everything off and thought to myself ‘Jay step over the cord, over the cord, over the cord.’

I gathered up the sheets and turned tripping right over the cord I literally just told myself not to trip over.

When I tripped over the cord, I stepped out of my slippers very neatly, twisted and fell into the laundry basket.

Banging my knee on the floor. Either yelled fuck or shit and T came flying out of his room.

I sat there and while now it is kinda funny I was so annoyed with myself. It was a brand new fan and I knocked it over, the front screen fell off, it was kind of leaning on me and I had bent the prongs on the plug. T and me put the front cover back on and struggled once more with the clasps. He fixed the prongs and plugged it in. It still worked.

I put my slippers back on and went to throw the sheets in the laundry.

Later I managed to move into the bedroom and make the bed without tripping over the cord. I did turn the fan off and move it back to the foot of my bed after making it. Not going to take any more chances there.

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