Cuddle Monster

My Thomas has decided he wants all the cuddles. The other evening I went into my room and he got so excited and he went to roll over and nearly rolled off the bed. I caught him that time.

T has mentioned about Thomas falling on his head.

This evening Thomas jumps up on the couch next to me and promptly attempts to fall over on me. Next thing I know he has got me in a headlock and is chewing on my hair. I giggled and pushed him down.

He rolled over onto his back and presented me with his belly. I gave him a few belly rubs before he attempted to grab my hand and pull it to him. With his claws. I pulled my hand away and he nipped me.

He moved off my lap and into his grey bed. Slept for a few moments there and then went to eat. Now he has gone and fallen asleep on my bed.

I looked up what it means when a cat lays with his/her belly exposed to you. It means that they have total trust in you. For they are in an extremely vulnerable state.

Jan. 28/22

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