Reality of Shoplifting

So you think the price of meat is too high? The fresh fruits and veggies call to be on your plate but you feel the price point is too high. Looking around you try to ascertain if anyone is watching you. Is anyone going to notice if you put an apple in your pocket? A piece of tenderloin your purse? I mean you aren’t really hurting anyone other then the grocer right?


People are unwilling to accept that prices are driven by gas prices or returning items that were purchased in error. Items that cannot be resold due to Food Safety Practises. Just a heads up any fresh produce or meat, baked goods or OTC (over the counter medicines) returned cannot be put out to be resold. When I have had people express disgust I ask if they would like to purchase a returned product that may or may not have been kept at the proper temperature. Were they willing to have us play with their health like that? Vast majority will say no they do not want to take that chance. But it is ok to impose on other shoppers. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Now on to the bigger picture. Grocery theft is huge. It is not even just individuals who go in and shoplift for themselves. There are groups out there who shoplift and resell the product. It is not a steal from the rich and redistribute to the poor. And anyone who thinks this needs a reality check.

An increase in shoplifting leads to a few things.

Implementation of rules such as no longer being able to shop in your reusable bags. We actually will go up to customers shopping in their own bags and offer to get a cart or basket for them.

Employees become hypervigilante and are watching everyone. You think only one person is watching you are wrong.

Security personnel has to be hired. Hours going through tape to find the evidence that the person shoplifted. Man time spent with the cops or RCMP. Having to ban the person from the store and then posting their picture so staff are aware.

It is not so easy as a child stealing a piece of candy.

We are always on the watch.

Thieves have pulled weapons. Bear spray. Punched employees. Uttered threats. And we have all been told to let them leave when it escalates to that point. Our lives are not worth the items they are stealing.

So while we get to remain alive and healthy we still end up paying the price for shoplifters.

Jan. 17/23

Lest We Forget

It seems to me that we have forgotten.

We have forgotten that WW I was suppose to be the war to end all wars.

That the atrocities, the deaths of millions and the destruction of countries would forever live on in our hearts and minds. Keeping us from making the same damn mistakes.

WW II proved that there was no end to the vile evilness of man. What was perpetrated and allowed to by the complacency and willful blindness of countries who figured it was not happening to them so why worry? Worrisome that so many turned their heads to look the other way.

Korean War. Vietnam. Gulf War. Bosnian War. War in Afghanistan. Iraq War.

Those have ended.

Syrian and Yemen Conflicts are still going on.

We are meant to remember. We are meant to look at what happened so that we will not repeat it over and over again.

But we do not.

What is happening is the literal whitewashing of history so that certain groups do not look so bad. That they really did not perpetrate the evils that have been written of in the history books.

Gaslighting to override history as it is known.

When pride and maintaining the facade becomes more important than the truth of history humanity becomes doomed.

Nov. 11/2

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