The Universe is Speaking

I pulled my first cards for the year from my Light Seers Tarot and my Isis Oracle. My Isis cards I work with every day. The Light Seers cards are ones I received back in November and have begun to work more with.

This does not include the new tarot and oracle cards I got for myself for Christmas. I believe, no I know that I have completed my collection for now.

The first cards pulled were The Magician and Flower of Life. Both about creativity. Both about manifesting what you want in life. Both talking about letting your creative desires grow.

I have to say I am fairly confident that the Universe is yelling at me and I would be a fool not to listen.

Jan. 2/23

Universal Comedy

Fail after fail
man after man
heartache after heartache
finally realized it was me
not them
I was the one who needed to change
my expectations
my desires
my needs.
Not looking for the perfect man
one who adores me
that will do just fine
not looking for an adonis
one who supports me
that will make me smile.
Make my heart sing.
Concentrate on self
time has come
wave of hand
all men can disappear
I need to look within
find my peace
then I can begin.
Threw it out to the universe
ain’t no man
coming to my home
come to my throne
until I
as Queen
Universe took it as a challenge
took it to mean
a prank to be played
upon resistant romantic.
on my head
about to drown
what the hell?
Someone somewhere is enjoying
this comedy of games.
©April 29/2
Picture via Pinterest
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