Word of the Day Challenge #82-Untitled Poem

sinuous writhing
move around
without touching his body.
Feel the heat rise
sense the lust
grim smile upon my lips
if only he knew
if only he listened
he would not be here.
They come
all shapes
all sizes
stories different
yet always the same.
life of poverty
life of pain
life lived
over and over again.
So easy to lure
to find evidence.
Given a warning
go away
change the behaviour
or you will die.
Laughed off as a joke
shrugged off as a prank
none of them listened
I will be frank…..
I live for those moments
when blood first wells
tang of copper in the air
smile upon my lips
flip of the wrist…..
flit around
gazelle like
stab in
slash out
criss cross
drop dead
how I feed my hatred.
©Jan. 14/20
Picture via Pinterest

Word of the Day Challenge-Untitled Poem #38

circling the air
smell the brimstone
the devil’s aroma
seeping beneath doors
through windows
deadly seduction
it can all be made anew.
trembling before the massive body
only one can tame the rumbling beast
only one can subdue vicious desires.
Sleep dear one.
Slumber until needed.
A day will come
the lands will call
your voice
rises in trumpeting sorrow
lands will bleed
broken beneath your wings.
Superstition has it
evil you are
yet how could such beauty
such agility
such grace
be the mark of terror
not the ascending glory
saviour for the masses.
Traitors will burn
flames reducing to ashes
broken bodies of enemies.
Hear dragon screams
shudder in fear
for here
an avenger
soaring through the skies
harbinger of doom
for all those who lie.
©July 8/19
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Deal with the Devil (Picture Prompt #7)

blood streaking down
claiming the throne
throwing down the tormentor
easing your pain.
I was the light to your darkness
you were the corruption to my innocence
we found our way
we found our path
we found our love together.
Woe befall those who hunted us
good could outweigh the madness
the immorality
that had been yours since you were a boy.
Came in the night
they did.
Tearing me from the warmth of our bed
cowards they were
waiting …..
until you were dead.
Or so they thought. 
drawn and quartered
left hanging at the crossroads
an example for all.
Your return.
A pact with the devil
to get vengence
to make them pay.
Rage imbued you with strength.
Terror reigned
decimation of an entire court.
not sated…..
Pain whiplashes around
you sit
quiet contemplation
wondering how to get me back.
April 10/19
Picture prompt found via Pinterest.