***Picture is mine taken August 29/17***

What should I do

when I see you?

For in your embrace I have found

warmth and delight,

a home which I hold onto so tight

for finally can I believe in love.

In sunshine and dance steps

on the flat of the beach

as warm water nibbles at our toes.

In laughter and desire

all rolled into one

as we cuddle before the fire.


I can release the darkness

that forever I have carried

and embrace the joy that I have found.


©Jay-lyn Doerksen

September 24/17

Perfect Hole

Have you ever looked at your arm/vein after having blood taken?

I am a weirdo and I hate when they force me to get a bandaid after blood being taken. I don’t like ripping the bandaid off. Leftover trauma from childhood.

Recently had blood taken, tech did not press bandaid on me after I refused it. I walked along the hallway, holding my arm out to my girl friend.

There was a perfectly round hole. Perfect. I had never seen it before due to the bandaids but now I could.

And it was beautiful.



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