Where oh Where?

Tonight was our Christmas staff party. I got dressed up. Turns out I clean up pretty well.  The party was amazing. Everyone who is part of the social club are eligible to come with a plus one. Dinner is free and everyone leaves with a gift. This is a time for everyone to get together without the social confines of labels, we are a group of people meeting and having a meal together, laughing and seeing one another outside of the business that we are in. A chance to see others in a personal setting, non-work related. You often learn some interesting things.
I wrote a poem about our boss. I am a fast walker. Like fast. No one can out run me except for our boss. The following is the poem that I wrote and presented tonight:
Where oh Where?
where oh where could our boss be?
is he here?
is he there?
Damn it he could be anywhere.
First down in grocery
than off to File
Check in on the Front
Dash by bakery
onto meats
ah shit I’ve  missed him again.
moving with lightening speed
it is so hard to keep up
searching the aisles one by one
we’ve turned it into a game
that absolutely no one has won.
Now, let us examine me. I am gregarious, I am forthcoming, I talk to people for 40 hours a week, as part of my career. Put me in front of a group of people and well I freeze. My anxiety ramps right up. I was at Auntie K’s when it first started. I could feel my heart racing. I was jittery. At the party, I kept bouncing my toes off of Auntie K’s, thank goodness that she likes to play footsie. And as it was the Christmas party I had a wine to help me. Yes, I know that it is wrong, I used alcohol to give me courage, but I did not over do it.
My boss was concerned for me. He asked me several times tonight if I had in fact stopped drinking. I informed him that I had, but it was also a special occassion so I had had a glass or two. Also as I was winging my way through my speech I admitted that when one is asked to present the boss with the Christmas present that usually they have super nice things to say. But that type of stuff makes me uncomfortable. At the end of it, he told me I had done a good job. He also asked me to forward the poem to him. I was beaming .
And than the gifts began to be dispersed. I really wanted the Amazon Gift Card. I won the Large Hurricane Candle holders. Nice but not sure where I am going to put them.
 I suppose despite the fact I laid myself open in front of so many of my co-workers by reading a poem I had written, it was well recieved. And they laughed where they were suppose to laugh.
Gotta admit I am kinda proud of myself right now.

Method to my Madness

I have decided that rather than being a hibernating, unmoving lump on the couch this winter, that I will give myself a project. One that I need to get done but admit to being rather daunted by.

I am also the Queen of Procrastination now that my grandma has gone to the great coffee shop in the sky, and I will find a multitude of ways in which to delay said project.

  1. I will move all my furniture, vacuum and reorganize the living room set up. Exactly the same way that it is now because well I have a baseboard heater and my internet cable runs through a small hole in the wall and I cannot move the table from there as the computer is on it. (I am old fashioned, still have a desktop. Mom is more up to date than me with her laptop.)
  2. I will strip and remake my bed despite having only done that a few days ago.
  3. I will stand in front of my closet, scratching my head and staring at the clothing that hangs in there. There is nothing to purge as I did that a few weeks back.
  4. I will clean the bathroom. Not as horrid as it sounds, but not a wonderful job. Especially since I have a 9 year old boy who loves to pee all over the toilet. Seriously how hard is it to aim? You just point and pee? No?
  5. I will stick my head into T’s room and retreat. I have him keeping it tidy, he is dealing with his clothes his way and I can see the floor. I do not need to venture into the Den of 9 year old boy smells and I don’t even want to know what those are.
  6. I will move my books from one book case to the other.
  7. Move all the knick knacks from one bookshelf to another.
  8. Rearrange books and knick knacks so I can take one bookcase and repurpose it into a shelving unit for clothing in my bedroom! Wohoooooooooo I am smrt!
  9. Drag bookshelf to bedroom and rearrange clothing to my liking.
  10. Drag t.v. from my room into the storage closet. I am tired of sharing space with it.
  11. Hmmmmmmmm okay, oh wait, wait, let us see who has messaged me in the last little bit while I had my music blaring and doing my amazing reorganization of the house whilst not procrastinating.

This will take me all of today. That leaves me with another 4 months of winter to try and procrastinate through. But now I cannot. For I have a plan. A gigantic totally makes no sense but it will motivate the hell out of me. I am announcing it to the world. LOL okay, so really only to those of you who read my blog and family and friends who don’t. Or don’t admit to anyways.

I have a lot of poetry. Not my early stuff that we all know in a dumbass moment of who knows what, I burned, but there is a lot of it floating around my apartment. Stuffed away in coiled books. I have poetry as well sitting in my email that I have written over the last three years. Than there are all the poems that I have written and posted here.

It is a lot. And I need to streamline and organize it all. For myself and because I am going to start to put together a body of work and well………I am not going to get ahead of myself. Suffice it to say that the main body of my winter project is getting all my poetry in one place and organized into categories. Once that is done I can look to where I want to go from there.

So, yeah me, not being slothful and being held accountable by well myself. For having told y’all means that I cannot slip it off to the side. Now I actually have to do it. After all there really is a method to my madness. 🙂