Hearing Things

I have always heard things that other people cannot.

One time the ex had a leaking tire and I could hear it hissing. Found it.

I notice differences in tones as well.

Today though was a new one.

Maybe it was because the upstairs was so quiet that I noticed it.

Have you ever had a noise irritate the hell out of you? A noise that you have heard a gazillion times?


Just me?

I was opening the binder rings.


I was closing the binder rings.


I did this 5 times.

10 Tunks.

At the end of it I was so irritated.

I even thought to myself gah that noise is so annoying.

Silly little thing. And when I tried to show/have the noise sound repeat for the admin working but the other binder did not make the same tunking sound. So of course he thinks that I am crazy-although he already was aware that I am crazy-so no surprise there.

Too, the baler sounded different as the crusher came down. When I asked the assistant he looked at me quizzically-like I was crazy-sensing a theme?

I am home now, quiet and watching t.v.

Everything sounds normal.

Day 2

I slept from 8:15ish last night until 7 a.m.

Easily could have rolled over and slept more. But I needed to go to work as one of my co-workers had teo write their food safety exam.

I went to work. I helped build the end for cereal and coffee. Faced aisles 4-9. Watched the exam taker. By 3 I was finished and K was urging me to come home and rest.

I grabbed coffee, did not have any at home this morning, and came home.

I am curled up on couch about to nap. But since that nap might last until tomorrow easily I thought I would post now.

This is not fun. And I dislike the fact that I am sick again.

My thought is that after this cold that is it. I am not getting sick for the rest of the year. It must now all be out of my system.

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