Breakfast and Glasses

Went to the city this morning for breakfast with the girls. It was awesome!!! And H presented us all with a pickle.

My Pickle

Came home and tidied up a bit. When I checked my phone there was a missed call from Pearle Vision. My glasses had arrived.

I sat here for an hour debating about if I should go get them or wait and have T come with me. At 1:30 I decided to go. Being able to see is a bonus.

And I needed to pick up cat food anyways.

Good Day

Today was an amazing day.

I got lots accomplished at work. Lots.

Came home, tidied up and did my work out.

Today is week 5 of completing 150 minutes of exercise in a week. That is the bare minimum that I allow myself. The fact I have done so for 5 weeks now makes me so proud of myself. I feel great too.

All in all today was an amazing day. Now I am going to spend my evening relaxing and working on some papers I have. Make some supper.

I love summer. I love energy. I love me.

I am extremely grateful for my life and all the joys in it.

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