Crazy Cravings

So now that the news is out I can tell everyone that K is pregnant. Not that any of you know her in person but you have read it here. I was the only person K told the day after she took the pregnancy test, we were screaming and hugging in the cash office.

Now like women who work together, even though I am in menopause, K and I were still synced. For me it was moods and hot flashes. Now I am beginning to also have some of her pregnancy symptoms. Crying. Angry. Laughing. Crazy. Mood. Being an Empath I pick up her moods really quickly and absorb some of her energy from her.

Last night I woke up and was wanting something sweet. But I did not have anything. I stood in front of the cupboard, doors open, not wearing my glasses and in the dark, trying to decide on what I wanted. Decided on the veggie thins, pulled the box down and crammed three of them in my mouth.

For some reason I went over to the fridge and opened the door. Lo and behold the cake T had iced and brought home last week was still in the fridge. I admit that I have been scooping icing off and eating it. I did not even hesitate last night and took a scoop of icing, stuck my finger in my mouth, which still had veggie thins in it, chewed and swallowed, crawled back into bed and was out like a light.

I told K this morning and she howled. Her wish/curse (LOL LOL) is that I will take on some of her labor pains. Not so sure about that one but I will be there to give her encouragement along the way. Not at the hospital though, she is annoyed enough with how easy my birth was for T.

I am so excited for K and her significant other. This is a huge step in their journey together. And I know that they are going to absolutely rock it.

A Little Disconcerting

Was sitting here minding my own business when notification went off for my email. I was a little befuddled because it is after 6. No one emails me after 6.

I checked the email and noticed it was from the school division with red and urgent vibes coming off the page. I clicked it open and began to read.

Last week one of the middle schools was closed to in-person learning because a threat had been called in against staff and students. Students had a day of classes at home.

Thursday both the same middle school here as well as the one in a neighboring community closed. Again threats being made against staff and students.

Thursday evening threats were again made against the middle school and now the high school. As a precaution classes are closed to in person learning. Cold weather class protocols are in effect. Meaning the kids still have to check in and get their assignments.

This is not funny. Not funny in the least.

Last week’s call was traced to a number in the states. Have not read anything yet on if these calls have been traced.

I am glad the schools and the school division are on top of the situation and keeping our children and their teachers safe. It is just not something you think of when you think about my city. It truly is disconcerting.

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